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Four ways to hide your IP address:

Hide my IP Address
Terms and Privacy Our terms of use and privacy policy. The gateway then takes care of routing the requests to the correct place. That link will automatically take you to the correct download page for your mobile or desktop device. IP Hider Pro will provide a government-level safety factor and this way you will be assured of your freedom anywhere on the Internet without worrying about any of the information leaked. The private IP address, also known as the Gateway IP address , is what all your devices in your home network will use to access the internet, as that one is routing all the information.

Why should I hide my IP address?

How do hackers hide their IP address?

To take advantage of all of these benefits right now, download Hotspot Shield. Once installed, you can hide your IP address in one click. Now that you understand all of the benefits of concealing your IP address, here is how you can protect yourself before you leave any more personal information on the Internet.

First, download the free version of Hotspot Shield. That link will automatically take you to the correct download page for your mobile or desktop device. Our basic version is free forever, and you will always have unlimited access. If you want additional features, you can upgrade to our Premium version later.

The installation usually takes only a few seconds. Once the software is installed, you may be asked to allow Hotspot Shield to change your devices settings. Allow the software to make these changes so your IP address will be hidden whenever you activate Hotspot Shield. This is what it would look like in iOS.

Your IP address is now hidden, regardless of where you are in the world. Surf freely, knowing that your personal information is safe while you browse the Internet freely and anonymously. As you learned from our tutorial on IP addresses , every computer on the Internet must have an IP address in order to get online. However this does not mean that you have to use your real IP. This greatly increases your privacy and security. Click on the button of the device or browser you use the most to learn how Hotspot Shield protects your privacy.

You may have heard that a proxy server is another way to mask your IP address. On top of that, you have probably seen many of the free proxy server websites out there. Otherwise, there are scripts which are based on local databases on your server. The database data needs to be updated regularly, though. Check out this one:. Once you have the coordinates, you can reverse geocode them to a country code. Again there are APIs like this one:.

Update, April Today I would recommend using Geocoder , a PHP library which makes it very easy to geocode ip addresses as well as postal address data. There are various web APIs that will do this for you. Here's an example using my service, http: Then you can simply do:.

Here's an example using http: Response is text when you query a specific field e. No decoding needed, just plug it into your code. If you want all the fields e. I see there are a lot of answers, but no one of them mentions https: You're allowed up to 15, queries per hour. I think that's enough in most of the cases. Freegeoip is open-source and you can find sources on github , deploy it locally and get rid of the query limits. I found this blog post very helpful.

It saved my day. Basically you need to install the IP database table and then do mysql query for the IP for location. Here is another free API for geolocation requests: Responses are in JSON format. You can use https: I run the service at IPLocate. Check out the docs for more information. Use the widget www. If you need to have a good and updated database, for having more performance and not requesting external services from your website, here there is a good place to download updated and accurate databases.

My ip location was from "Rasht" City in "Iran" when I was testing and the ip was: Therefore I recommend to use these services if you're unsure about which service is more accurate:. You can try the services of https: It also gives you the organisation, currency, timezone, calling code, flag and Tor Exit Node status data from any IPv4 or IPv6 address.

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You can use a VPN, Proxy Server, Tor, or your local coffee shop to hide your IP address. Read more for instructions on how to use each of these. These ebooks can only be redeemed by recipients in the US. Redemption links and eBooks cannot be resold. Learn how to hide your IP address to get access to geo-blocked sites and negate bans. This step-by-step guide will show you 6 easy ways to hide your IP today.