How to Boost your Wireless Strength with DD-WRT

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Adjust DD-WRT TX power
The best Antenna you can have for that is full Wave length with: No, create an account now. HeavensCloud , Apr 1, Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. I will also add that excessive wattage through your antennas that are not big enough can also create signal distortion, which can actually decrease perceived signal strength.

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DD-WRT TX Power question

In this example, you can see that the most saturated channels are 1, 10 and This leaves the user with several other channels which can be used. The ones I will talk about today are as follows in order of usefulness and ease: Transmit Tx Power Beacon Interval Please note that there are other things you can do to improve signal strength such as purchasing a higher-gain antenna or placing your router in a more central position but these are not limited to DD-WRT routers and thus outside the scope of this article.

I will not talk about wireless channel selection so much as I have already written up an article detailing how best to choose your wireless channel.

If you do not have a laptop handy or do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a wireless spectrum scanner, you can also do pretty much the same thing straight from inside DD-WRT. A few hundred thousand will cause you problems though. There was another side effect as well.

I have three routers, with two configured as access points. My noisiest router also happened to be my slowest one, so ideally, I would want more of my traffic to go to the faster ones. Reducing the transmission power helped considerably. My wireless devices started to favor the ones in closest proximity, rather than clinging to the slow and noisy one. So if you have more than one access point, try tweaking the TX power. If you get errors, drop the power until the errors go away. That is the legal maximum limit that you can set an AP to in the US.

As for the dBm a connection at dbm is still good. It starts dropping around dBm. Apr 2, 6. Uberbob , Apr 2, Apr 2, 7. I took a wireless class in college. My teacher does HAM radio and other wireless realted things I believe he had all the license to run a Radio station if he wanted. Now it should never cause an issue if you go over mW.

Adjust DD-WRT TX power

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What are good settings to use for Tx Power and Antenna Gain with dd-wrt on my router (WNDRv1)? Currently, it is set to the defaults of 20dbm for Tx power and 0dbi for antenna gain. I want to pu. I had a problem streaming video wirelessly. I adjusted my DD-WRT TX power to fix it. Here's how to adjust it, reduce packet errors, and check the results. Jul 30,  · The optimal Tx-power is the LOWEST that's still adequate for your needs. Better to reduce electrosmog than to increase it. I've reduced the Tx-power of my own router to 5, by the way.