How to Hook Up an Xbox 360 to a Samsung LCD TV

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How to Hook Up an Xbox System to a TV
No, you can use any console to make an Xbox live account and then use that account to sign into other accounts. Cookies make wikiHow better. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If you already have the cable but your display does not have a VGA port, you can purchase an adapter. After that, you will be charged to change the name. Turn on the TV and console.

Connect Xbox 360: Using Xbox 360 HDMI Cable

Can I connect my xbox 360 to a laptop

Press the connect button a circular button near the middle on the wireless receiver. The light will flash green. Press the connect button on the front edge of the controller. There will be green lights flashing on both the controller and the receiver.

This means they are establishing a connection. When they are connected, there will be a green light around the Guide button remaining lit, indicating the connection has been established. Open a game that supports the Xbox controller. Test your controller by pressing the buttons or pulling the triggers on it. If your Windows computer cannot detect your controller, try connecting your controller to another USB port.

But if you have tried all the ports and the problem persists, or there are some issues with buttons on your controller, you may need to get it repaired or replaced. In this case, you can contact Microsoft support for further assistance. Driver Easy uses cookies to provide you with better services. By continue using the website or clicking Close, you agree to our privacy policy and how we use cookies.

How to connect an Xbox controller to your PC — 4 simple steps. By Jonny Lin — Last Updated: Install the controller driver To make sure your controller or wireless receiver works on your computer, you need to install the latest driver for the device. After installing the driver, restart your computer. Step 3 for wireless controller only: Plug the power brick into an outlet.

Make sure the outlet is close enough to where you plan to keep the Xbox. Turn the console on. Now that the wires are all hooked up, station your Xbox on a flat surface. If you are using a wireless controller, tap the power button pictured above lightly to turn the controller on.

Set up the controllers. Your controllers could be wireless or wired. To connect a wireless controller, hold down the 'X' button in the middle of the controller until it begins flashing. Then, press the small, white button on the front of the Xbox console.

The console's lights will begin to flash - this is your cue to hold the similar small, white button on top of the controller. If you have a wired controller, simply plug the controller's cable into a corresponding port on the front of the Xbox.

Finally, you can press the silver button on the left of the Xbox to open the disc tray. Insert a game disc or movie and press the silver button again. You may now proceed to play video games or watch movies. Are HD leads needed for a television with no connections for the Xbox ? No, there are 3 types of connections for the Xbox You will want to match what your TV supports. AV, or composite cables red yellow and white are typically the standard cables that come with the console.

It plugs in above the HDMI port. The second type is HDMI. This is what you see in picture 2. Last is Component, or YPbBr green, red, blue, red, white.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 6. You can add a wireless attachment to the back of the If you have a newer model, it should connect automatically. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 9. Just go to the TV menu and click the correct one under "Input". Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5. You might not be able to see it. Run over it smoothly with your fingers, and you will hear a DING sound. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. It depends on the exact model of Xbox that you have and the game you are trying to play.

Generally the answer is no, however, you will need enough storage space for game files to be saved or installed requirements are on the game case on the back near the bottom.

This can be done with a USB flash drive or memory stick. Most Xbox 's have some built in memory or come with a hard drive and are enough to get you started. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

Using VGA HD A/V Cables

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The Xbox console supports different cable types. Learn how to connect your console to a high-definition or standard-definition TV or monitor using different cables. Important note This article applies to the original Xbox and Xbox S consoles only. Sep 06,  · How to Hook Up Xbox Live. Two Parts: Connecting Your Xbox to the Internet Signing Up for Xbox Live Community Q&A. When your Xbox is connected to the internet, it connects to Microsoft's Xbox Live service%(56). Connect the two parts as shown in the picture and then connect the "power brick" end to your Xbox and the other end to a wall outlet. The big power brick needs plenty of ventilation just like the main system so try to have an open space on a shelf for it.