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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Less than 15 seconds. I too use it to catch up on all sorts of shows. If it worked it's probably not bad. Finally a mod came and posted something to what I paraphrased earlier. No Piracy No discussion of piracy or illegal streams.

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This is still a mess! But, nobody is aware why this has happened? There is no news which has been poked out by the authorities revealing why the old domain for Project Free TV is not working or streaming like before. Preferably, a new fuss: Reddit users are discussing ways and alternatives that can still enable them to use and stream through the online content for free.

Also, showcases how they can deal with any such issues. Project Free TV website is just an online source or medium to showcase all the content uploaded by the users.

They do not monitor the quality - subject - the substance of the uploaded content. They take copyright issues very seriously and have provided clear guidelines regarding the same.

We will update our viewership about the same very soon!! Cleaned all the virus and malware from my pc. Friday, January 19, '. The instructions fixed the problem in quick order on wife's pc.

Saturday, November 18, '. This website uses cookies to analyze site traffic, personalize content, improve our website and offer you the best browsing experience. By continuing to browse the website, you acknowledge our use of cookies.

Run a free scan and clean infectious items for free. Recommended Download for Everyone. You want to make sure your device is malware free. Less than 15 seconds. No Thanks, I Don't need important updates. When was the last time you checked your PC health? Do you know your PC requires a regular Check Up!!! Scan and Remove all malicious Programs. Suffering from a PC infection? What if there is a tool for all your problems? The research team at howtoremoveit. We respect your privacy.

Your information is safe and will never be shared. How to Remove Search. Are your devices Secure? I've been using this awesome site for years. It's the only site I need for TV shows. It's become the fastest and most efficient way to avoid the nasty doppleganger. If you enjoy Project Free TV, the stuff on this sub should be enjoyable too: So I have adblock already and it is great, but what is an xbmc add-on and how will it help?

People create add-ons for websites like Project Free TV, you can also watch movies and listen to music that is on your local drive or network. I have it installed on my Fire TV and it works great. Yeah, it's a convenient site, but I thought we were about legal content around here? Look, if you don't approve move on. We know it isn't legal and the mod has already said that as long as we aren't talking about hacking cable boxes it s all good.

I didn't mean to come across as a dick, and sorry if I did, but we had this problem a couple weeks ago with quite a few people and the shit was very annoying because they kept harping on it.

Finally a mod came and posted something to what I paraphrased earlier. You guys heard about the new http: It's a new version of the old but i'm not if it's legit? There's also one called http: Need a new way to get movies after TPB got closed lol. Ive been using it for several years, not at all scammy, just loads of ads which is why people are suggesting adblock.

Just LOTS of tv links and no commercials I too use it to catch up on all sorts of shows. It does have that feel, you will get ads if you're running Adblock, and videos pop out a new window, but it's clean and safe though not really legal. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. No Spam No spam, affiliate links, self promotion, or novelty bots. No selling items, no "one time use only" Promo Codes.

No Piracy No discussion of piracy or illegal streams. No Sharing Passwords No discussion about or sharing of accounts or passwords. Off topic and low quality posts or comments will be removed. Be Civil Be polite and civil in all discussions.

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We have decided to shutdown Project Free Tv / Watchfree Project. It was a great run, but there are a lot more viable sources to watch you favorite tv shows and episodes and unfortunately we can up keep with the quality the website once provided due to . Becoming a member will allow you to use all site's features and receiving notifications on new updates. Project Free TV: Watch your favorite TV shows and Movies online for FREE (dancedb.tktters) submitted 3 years ago by NomNomYoMomma I constantly use the Project Free TV website to catch up and watch shows in-season.