PIPCU Wins Piracy Enforcement Award From US Chamber of Commerce
Below you can find a series of common questions, we get asked a lot regarding the usage of PT. A free online privacy services also offer premium versions to the users. The free VPN providers listed below offers dedicated apps that you can download on your desired devices instantly. Since PT only aggregates content and compiles them in a single platform, the software can never actually be banned. If this happens, try switching to another VPN, which offers you choices of connecting to a huge list of servers.

VPN providers With Some Logs (max 7 days)

Online Security is Only a Click Away

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More Information Symantec, the developer of the Norton software family, is a global leader in security, storage and systems management solutions. Norton has developed several options for safeguarding a computer, and each has its own unique specializations: Norton AntiVirus is a well-known malware protection program that both removes harmful viruses and spyware from your machine, then protects the computer from future infections.

Norton Security Premium is an all-in-one security center that can be downloaded onto your computer to optimize the performance of your machine. The list of VPN providers is a tiny sample of the thousands out there today and is not comprehensive by any means. VPN Providers not covered this time around will be added during the coming weeks. All responses listed below are in the words of VPN services themselves and the order of the list does not carry any meaning.

We absolutely do not maintain any VPN logs of any kind. We utilize shared IP addresses rather than dynamic or static IPs, so it is not possible to match a user to an external IP.

These are some of the many solutions we have implemented to enable the strongest levels of anonymity amongst VPN services. We chose the US, since it is one of the few countries without a mandatory data retention law. We will not share any information with third parties without a valid court order. With that said, it is impossible to match a user to any activity on our system since we utilize shared IPs and maintain absolutely no logs. We are in compliance with DMCA as all companies, world-wide, must be.

We have proprietary technology and an experienced legal team which allows us to comply without any risk to our users. Further, we would like to encourage our users to use an anonymous e-mail and pay with Bitcoins to ensure even higher levels of anonymity should it be required. We only store the minimal information required to provide customers refunds. No information is being held at all. We operate under Panama jurisdiction. We are unable to share any information to anyone because we do not keep anything.

We are currently implementing Bitcoin. Additional payment methods are available upon a contact to us. We only require a working e-mail address to be a customer. The updated policy is explained here , and there is also a transparency report where all abuse inquiries are reported. No information whatsoever is being recorded or held in our facilities. Our services are run from RAM and all our system services come with state-of-the-art configuration that ensures nothing is left after usage.

The only information we have about our customers is an e-mail address and the name of the payment method. We are based in Seychelles and we do not communicate with external governments or authorities unless when required by law, or when our ethics tell us to do so note: But once again, there is very little we can actually share about.

And we will always keep you informed of such communication, either via our transparency report, our network issues or our warrant canary. We provide a fully transparent and privacy-oriented compliance with laws of jurisdictions in which our servers are located. When the law, or its enforcement, leads to compromising the privacy of our users, we simply shut down the affected servers and move them to another jurisdiction that provides better protection of privacy.

We offer more than 85 different payment methods such as Bitcoins, SMS, phone calls, prepaid cards, PayPal, WebMoney, virtual cash, credit cards, bank transfer or yet again OTC over-the-counter options such as by going to your local post office.

We do not keep any logs whatsoever. The jurisdiction is Canada. Since we do not have log files, we have no information to share. We do not communicate with any third parties.

The only event we would even communicate with a third-party is if we received a court order. We would then be forced to notify them we have no information. This has not happened yet.

At the moment we only accept Paypal and Bitcoin. We have plans to accept alternative credit card processing in the near future. Since some people tend to misbehave when using a VPN , this raises the obvious question: In order for us to block this one individual, we simply implement new firewall rules, effectively blocking the abused protocol for everyone on that VPN server. Since there are no user logs to go by, we handle abuse per server, not per user.

TorGuard recently went through some corporate restructuring and has now moved its parent company to Nevis, West Indies. Our company abides by all International laws and data regulations imposed within our legal jurisdiction. Only in the event of an official court ordered ruling would we be forced to hand over blank hard drives.

Bypass Governmental Restrictions

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