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Some of the links below send you to sites that are not under our control. Are you a part of the crowd that hates popup advertisements? You can block popups and tracker cookies, with the additional feature of whitelisting websites through exceptions. The Anonymous Proxy Mode will make the software act like a proxy relay using one of the most powerful proxy networks available in the world. Although unfamiliar with comparitech, upon careful review of your comparisons and your verbiage understandable to less tech savvy individuals me ; I now feel comfortable in my choice. More details about purchasing can be found here.

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It detects Web-application security issues as well as operational configuration issues. Ammonite is a web application security scanner extension for Fiddler. Ammonite detects common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, OS command injection, cross-site scripting, file inclusion, and buffer overflows.

Ammonite includes unique features that make it particularly well suited for penetration testers and security professionals. Oscar Brito's extension enables you to specify latency based on regular expressions or exact URLs. Source code is available. Sometimes developers need to compare different requests from clients and test environments, or between different customers—which can be challenging.

Users will be able to find the exact differences and easily visualize them. Testers will be able to find bugs very quickly by just comparing the sessions and finding the differences between the snapshots. Netopsy is an app for viewing network traces SAZ files created by the Fiddler web debugging proxy. Client certificates are a commonly used authentication mechanism for server to server calls. Setting up client certificates in Fiddler requires you to export the certificate from the local certificate store.

Determining which client certificate is set requires locating the file and inspecting the certificate details. Fiddler Client Certificate Select is a Fiddler extension designed to allow users to select certificates directly from their certificate store for use with Fiddler.

You can learn more about the extension in this blog post. Traffic Differ The Differ tab allows you to compare two traffic profiles. Privacy scanner The Privacy Scanner 41kb extension flags responses that set cookies and color codes based on P3P headers.

Gallery The Gallery extension 50kb displays thumbnails of all images found among the selected Sessions. Although Microsoft now touts its Edge browser, it still includes IE on its newer operating systems. On animefushigi, IE halfway blocked one popup ad the box loaded without content and failed to block the other popup.

It did not block the on-page ads. Unfortunately, IE blocked the login popup from Bungie. It blocked all of the tests we used from the site, while also successfully allowing all of the good popups. It surprisingly blocked one of the two popups that spawned on animefushigi, something Chrome, IE and Firefox were unable to do. A point against it occurred with the login popup test at Bungie. Edge allowed to window to come up but failed to load the content.

That includes the inability to add exceptions for different websites or adjust the strength of the blocker in any way. While it works marginally better than the other browsers at blocking popups, the lack of options and the blocking of good popups is not entirely positive. The Opera web browser offers a few privacy features beyond generic pop-up blocking.

The browser passed all the PopupTest. Opera is the only built-in ad blocker that actually blocked every ad on the animefushigi page, including the pop-ups, and the only one that caused animefushigi to send me to their scolding anti-ad blocking page. Opera also allowed the good popup from Bungie. Taken with the other positive blocks, Opera essentially blew the other web browsers and even many of the third-party blockers, right out of the water with functionality.

Particularly interesting was the fact that this built-in blocker appeared to be more discriminating than all of the other browsers on our list, capable of blocking the PopupTest. Adblock performed impressively well under testing. While it failed the PopupTest. AdBlock also allowed the Bungie. The true strength in AdBlock is just how customizable it is. You can change a large number of settings on this extension, including whitelisting, custom and preset filters, individualized blocking or allowing of ads through right-clicking, and whitelisting for specific youtube ads.

AdBlock emerges as one of the best options on our list, particularly due to how many features are packed onto this now-free application. Adblock Plus is a relatively simple application with a few key additional options. You can create filter lists which allow or disallow popups from certain websites, allow for non-intrusive ads, create your own filtering syntax lists and utilize the general whitelisting feature.

It failed the PopupTest. Animefushigi, in particular, was quick to transfer me to their angry adblocking page. ABP also allowed Bungie. Adfender has a large number of options available. Coming with a trial version, it advertises itself as being able to block pretty much everything, from popups to tracker cookies to ads on Youtube.

Expectedly, it did not block any of the popups from PopupTest. AdFender excelled at blocking all of the ads on animefushigi, prompting a redirect to the anti-ad blocking page rather quickly.

This application also allowed Bungie. In all, AdFender is one of the most customizable on the list. You can adjust the listening port, apply proxy settings, set HTTPS filtering options, browse anonymously through Tor , block tracking cookies, and block ads on different applications beyond web browsers, and view your blocking statistics. Note that most of these features are only available on the full version. The free version only includes the advanced popup blocking.

Not only did it fail the PopupTest. It allowed the good popups from PopupTest and Bungie. Smart Popup Blocker can be accessed from your system tray. Should you find that it does actually work, Smart Popup Blocker also includes whitelisting and cookie management so you can delete unwanted tracking cookies.

There are also few useful features to speak of on this application, outside of a cookie manager, whitelist, sound notifications, and popup blocking for Windows Messenger not necessary for almost anyone.

Ad Muncher has a large number of customization options. There are settings for altering site behavior, such as removing music, background images, automatic reloads, and self-bookmarking, prevention of tracker cookies, very detailed advertisement blocking options, preset and customizable filter settings, image removal for adult content, disabling for intranet connections, some browser behavior settings, the option to change the block message to anything you want, and detailed, searchable logs.

Ad Muncher operated much like the other third-party applications. It also allowed the good login popup from Bungie. While it blocked the two popups from animefushigi, it failed to block any of the on-page advertisements. Although it failed to block the on-page ads, Ad Muncher still made a good showing. For those that like to read logs, this is one application to download. Tags List Useful Sites. You may also like. Top 8 Benefits Of Cloud Computing. Click here to post a comment. Product Reviews Pixlr Photo Editor.

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