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7 best Linux live CD distro for 7 different purpose
This focus and dedication has lead to the world's leading Linux for the Power architecture. And inevitably I get frustrated with it because, well, it's just not Windows. Yay I learn my lesson. Install it on an old P-III or P-IV computer and your family or friends will use it just as effectively for common tasks as any expensive new machine. The main purpose of Samurai Web Testing Framework is it is based on attacking websites. After all the tweaking, customizing and installing additional applications a user can turn the by-product into their Linux distro using the remastering tool.

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7 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB

Tools for data rescue and system repair are parts of this distro. There are many distros derived from Knoppix. The portable OS can perform basic computing and more with extraordinary power. Portable Linux Distributions are used for system recovery, hardware compatibility testing and so on. The Portable Linux distros are no less than any commercial operating systems in terms of features and driver support. The above-mentioned distros seem to outperform conventional operating systems in many scenarios.

They can perform a specific task such as system recovery, penetration testing and so on, which most of the other OS fail to perform. Linux distro does all these and still manage to be light enough to be carried on a USB flash drive.

Than I read forums saying: Kali is version of Linux intended for system maintainers etc. Seems that if you want to install anything to Kali Live, you need to do it using command line. Look no further than Knoppix. I have been with Knoppix since version ONE and it has never let me down in any way.

Run it from DVD for best security. With lang and keyboard switches it does not matter which language your iso is. It runs in any language you choose! The USB can be set-up any time you want but its not wise to use it over a week or so without renewing it. It can become a house for bugs. Klaus Knopper is the IT Einstein of the 21st century — hans-down —.

Bilibop software for debian distros on synaptic manager will do this. Bilibop-udev is the minimal app for persistance on debian usb installations. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check here to Select Right…. How to Download and Install Fortnite on Android? All Android iOS Nokia. Without Google Drive Backup. All Linux Mac Windows.

Steam OS comes with additional Linux kernel tweaks to ensure that one gets better gaming performance as compared to the other distros.

It also provides extensive support for GPUs, gamepads, and other hardware. This top distro for has been specially designed to play the games available on Steam Store. Grab Steam OS for gaming here. Many Linux distros can turn out to be suitable for programmers as per their requirements. Debian Testing branch has a vast collection of packages which have a reputation for being regularly tested, updated, and rock-solid.

This stability allows a programmer to take care of the development with peace of mind. However, one should keep in mind that Debian is only recommended for programmers who have an experience of working with Linux.

Debian website for ISO download and more information. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Linux ecosystem, developers can create new and appealing distros. In my opinion and experience, Ubuntu-based elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux distro which is also known for its unparalleled performance. Shipping without many default Ubuntu applications, elementary OS delivers a lightweight experience as well. Overall, it can be used by experienced and beginners alike to carry out daily computing tasks.

These days, learning Linux and open source technologies could be of great importance due to increasing demand in the industry. But, what about kids? Well, look no further as these free operating systems are easy to set up and use. This free and specially-built operating system also comes with touch support, which makes it a great choice for kids who love to explore stuff using their hands.

It tries to become a great tool for both students and teachers. Thanks to its 5-minute installation, 60 useful free pre-loaded applications, and second recovery process, Ubermix acts as a powerful distro for students and teachers.

Visit Ubermix website for more details. Then their stable release would be more like an LTS. The system is rock solid and I believe the base code from Ubuntu is based on With regards to their updates, Luna don't really have any kind of release schedule, instead they opt for "it's ready when it's ready".

So if you have Luna installed, you will have perpetual updates for that version, until the next one. Think of the update model to be more like Windows that of a typical Linux distro. In Windows you would buy Windows 7 and have updates for the entire time of that release.

Same thing with Elementary, there won't be another version in 6 months that you need to re-install to use. You just keep running updates. When there next release comes out probably a couple of years from now based on the time between Jupiter and Luna then you can choose to re-install then. That's the rolling release model. More and more distros are going to it. With rolling release, theoretically you never have to worry about installing a new version, it is installed through the update process.

This isn't a rolling release model. A rolling release model like Arch is when there isn't additional versions of the operating system. Like you said, you never have to re-install - they just keep releasing the latest versions of applications etc. For example, you have Ubuntu Each is it's own version, with it's own name.

With a rolling release like Arch, you only have "Arch", and that's it. There isn't different versions. This isn't the case with Elementary. Like I said, this is an update model similar to Windows whereby there are different versions of the operating system currently Jupiter and Luna , but unlike other distro's like Ubuntu, they're not governed by a pre-determined release schedule, like every 6 months.

So i'm actualy excpecting at least for 1. I really appreciate your enlightning answer. Is it possible to install it on Windows8 pre-installed laptops? Luna is based on Ubuntu, so it's definitely possible in principle.

Hi Kev, So how stable is it? I have ubuntu 13 and it crashes atleast once in two days. Do u have the same experience with ubuntu? I personally have found the stability of Ubuntu getting progressively worse since I'm finding Luna to be extremely stable. It never crashes, it's very quick, and looks great. The only thing I have had problems with is "Noise" the music app. I replaced this with Banshee and I was good to go. Luna comes with the Ubuntu software centre pre-installed. So it's exactly the same process as installing applications in Ubuntu.

This can be done either via the Ubuntu Software Centre, via. From your description Elementary is Ubuntu with some glitz and eye-candy added. It's about as close to Ubuntu as Ubuntu is to Debian. They use the same base code, that's about it. Luna has it's own window manager, file explorer, has different packages by default, and a tonne more. I've personally found Luna to be a lot more stable and a hell of a lot quicker than Ubuntu. I gotta agree here with Kev, just installed it this morning Placing icons on the desktop is a feature I've used for decades, why would I want to give it up?

Think about it carefully. Just because you have been doing it for 20 years doesn't mean it is the best way. And im using Latest Luna. Great OS i will say. However, maybe I'll give it a try one day: When you use Luna, it doesn't actually feel anything like OSX.

The only similarities it has really is the dock, and a slightly similar theme. I also thought this before I used it for the first time, but like I said, when you actually use it, they are nothing alike.

Not out of the box as the desktop is based around simplicity. As I don't use desktop icons personally, I didn't find this a problem. However, there is a workaround to get it to work using the link below, although I haven't personally tested it.

No, thank you then. I will not be trying it out again, unless there is a way to add back desktop icons. I thought Linux is about options? Desktop icons are main thing for many people. Why even have a desktop if you can't use it? I am so happy with the OS it has become my primary OS of choice. See Kev Q's reply. I've used it personally, with and without desktop icons. Now, they also have the ability through 3rd party tweaks to change the wingpanel top bar into a tiny tab -- saving you a bit more space, and it looks pretty cool too.

Try Elementary OS Luna. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Read our privacy policy. It was beautiful, I must admit. I had enough and went back to the polished Mint Bottom line if you like it, use it, you will be helping the team to grow.

No, it's a completely re-written desktop environment called Pantheon. Hi Andrew, Elementary will most definitely run on both a celeron and atom based machine. I might try this later.

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The popularity of open source software and Linux is rising with each passing year, and more people are learning Linux. For those users, selecting Linux distro with smooth learning curve is of. Download Network Security Toolkit. BlackArch Linux: BlackArch Linux is an absolute Linux distribution for security researchers and ethical hackers. So above are the Top 10 Penetration Testing Linux out the description and choose the one that you like the most. Download the distro and start pentesting and boost up your skills.