6 reasons why your internet connection is so slow

1. Close the Peer to Peer Update Process on Your Computer

How to Fix a Slow Internet Explorer and Make it Work Faster
You can try placing your phone into airplane mode, then turning airplane back off again, this will refresh your connections. The fastest possible speed that you can get from your plan can be achieved by connecting an item e. It's in the lower-left side of the window. I could have wrote 5 times what I did. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. What is a natural remedy for lower back problems? Tell us about your experience with our site.

What you can do


To put it simply, the 2. If you're into something that requires speed, give the 5GHz band a go, but don't travel too far from the router. Most routers should also allow you to choose the channel on which it operates, ranging from numbers 1 through A lot of routers, by default, will be set to a certain channel, which means that the neighbors downstairs and above you are likely using the same one.

Try out channels 1, 6, and 11 non-overlapping for best results. Changing channels varies from router to router, but steps should be included in the documentation. Whether or not your ISP includes a router in their subscription plan, you might want to upgrade to something that can handle your needs.

No matter what you're buying, ensure you aren't buying too much. It doesn't make sense to buy a new router that far exceeds the speeds delivered by your ISP if you don't intend on upgrading.

If your internet problem is more to do with not having enough coverage in your home, a mesh Wi-Fi system might be your best bet.

These systems are designed to blanket an area in an uninterrupted wireless signal without some of the speed sacrifices found with wireless extenders. Sometimes your needs will exceed what your ISP plan has to offer. Just a year ago I was enjoying a 25Mbps connection, but since upgrading to Mbps, I can't imagine going back.

If you're constantly noticing how slow your internet is while it's operating normally, it's probably time to up your plan. You've exhausted your resources, and your internet still seems slower than usual. The network beyond your modem is complex, and it's easy for something to go wrong.

It never hurts to contact your ISP's tech support department, as they have the resources needed to diagnose most big issues and will let you know if they detect an issue that you can fix right at home.

Skip to main content. See the best Wi-Fi routers in Why your internet is slow. Device is connected over Wi-Fi. A wireless connection to your router is, in most cases, going to cut the speed that you're paying for from your internet service provider ISP. Signal interference can come from other electronics particularly microwaves , walls, and furniture, and simply moving to the outer reach of the antenna will cause issues. If you want the best speed possible, stick with a wired connection using an Ethernet cable.

You won't likely see a sudden drop in internet speed as your device has its third birthday, but trying to run modern web browsers — especially loaded down with extensions and add-ons — on aging hardware will make it seem like your internet speed is the problem. Router needs a reset. Just like a PC, powering down your router usually by unplugging the power cable can do wonders for your internet.

It's easy for your router to get out of sync with the myriad wireless devices connected to it, and a reset usually gets everything back the way it should be. PC might be infected with malware.

One of the most common causes of a noticeable change in network speed is a malicious program communicating with the open internet, using up your bandwidth before you even begin. Let your antivirus do a full scan and see what it dredges up. Too many people using the same band. Unless your router and devices have multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output MU-MIMO capabilities , data is delivered in a rotating manner to any connected devices.

The more devices, the longer it takes the router to arrive back at the first. You're connected to an extender. Wi-Fi extenders are a low-cost way to extend the reach of a wireless signal, perfect if a back corner of your home can't be reached by your router alone.

However, extenders generally cut bandwidth in half due to wireless backhaul traffic. You have data delivered to your device, and your device must deliver data back to the router. Thank you a million times over Jake! I ran packet captures and found that DNS replies came back very quickly, but for some reason it took over 10 seconds to load the web page.

Been fighting with this for months! Thank you sooooo much! You made my Windows experience so much better, why Microsoft chose to use these horrible settings in the first place is beyond me. I was halfway through the guide and the download speed started to get better and better. Thank you so much. Because for some reason, Microsoft only allows gpedit. But hey, you can try downloading gpedit.

Some stupid download I did, downloaded some other stupid download, that was probably a wifi controller and it hogged all the bandwitdh. I checked for other ways to open it, cause my windows changed slightly after last update to what you described here, but I were able to work around it.

Did they remove it? Can it only be run by some other means? I wouldreall appreciate your input. Laptop download speed is full, PC runs at less than half. I have a 2meg line. Even this page was very sluggish until I was mostly finished with the list and all the sudden it was like a miracle happened. Fking Jesus mate, I had already some things done, and the wifi was…. Checked the conn…and still was a disaster. Many many many thanks. Jesus I was in a point of throwing my notebook to the ground: I owe you a huge debt of gratitude, Jake.

Thank you so much for posting this! Also, if you by any chance had any resources on how to manually update drivers, I would really appreciate that. I had used Windows 10 prior on this build, no problems. I do a clean install, clean drivers, everything, floating at an ungodly.

Thank you for this awesom guide! Easy to understand and easy to do. The only problem i encountered was the gpedit. My browser is running so smooth now, thanks again! But I am glad I could quit my background applications. Thanks So Much Juan. You made ma day. I moved the computer, deleted a bunch of programs, disabled Cortana, updated all my drivers, did everything I could think of, with no result at all. Your tricks work like a charm.

I am now enjoying my full 20 mbps speed on internet. Thanks for this list. All these changes appear to have made no difference. On my Resource Monitor: Does anyone else have this same issue after running through all these updates? Just running through these changes. I have a 30 foot network and power cable strung out of my window and my modem taped up to a staircase outside trying to pick up the nearest celltower. Excellently put together, succinct.

Thank you very much. Thank you again for your great effort.

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To avoid slow internet connections due to signal interference, reposition your router for better performance and change your Wi-Fi channel number. In general, the closer your device is to the router, the better the Wi-Fi connection. May 06,  · When you have a slow Internet connection, you generally can't run more than one bandwidth-heavy service (e.g., Netflix, an online video game, YouTube, etc.) at a time; however, running several smaller bandwidth-using items can also be detrimental to your Internet's dancedb.tk: M. Aug 31,  · Spyware can slow your system by interfering with your browser and monopolizing your Internet connection. Spyware monitors your Internet use and keystrokes, which adds delays. The problem is compounded when there are multiple spyware programs running at the same time. If the problem is severe enough, you can .