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How to Setup Linksys router as access point
Remember, if you reset the device, it will come back to factory default and you will lose all the settings. You can limit the number of guest computers. But it is recommended that you should connect your computer to the router for the initial set up of the router. Linksys e — Wireless N, 2. We have a Cisco E but during a move we have misplaced the password.

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Easy steps for Linksys E E E router setup and troubleshooting. Use Cisco connect software for initial installation or you can do it manually. In order to use Linksys router as access point, you need to change the IP address settings. Also need to disable the DHCP server so that it will not. The Cisco - Linksys E Wireless-N Router lets you enjoy the benefits of wireless-N technology in your home. Surf the Internet from any connected computer, access your email from your smart phone, print wirelessly, and stream your stored music to the devices in your home.