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Added "Completed On" column Feature: Does port forwarding make my computer more vulnerable to security attacks? Click Change settings of this connection. Minor revisions and updated uTorrent version October Always merge trackers if loading a torrent in silent mode Just like downloading any other torrent!

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Please do not post unsuccessful incidents in the Comments below. If it does not work, we're sorry, We tried our best. Instructions to undo everything is provided above in FAQ 3. If you found out how to workaround your problem, let us know below and we will include it in the guide crediting you as well. Prev 1 2 Change Log Probably a little late to start a change log, but better late than never August Added ColdBurn's tips, Added proxy tips July Added Bittorrent test tool link Jan Added router incompatibility problem Feb Updated for uTorrent v2.

Added alternate method to add more trackers July Updated uTorrent version September Minor revisions and updated uTorrent version October Refreshed images and text with latest uTorrent version July Refreshed images and text with latest uTorrent version. Is this possibly because I stillhato fix the router situation - you said go ahead and try a sample but all went fine and it downloaded but I couldn't complete as no OK box posted 21 Mar - Reply - Permanent Link Neil 1 posts I found that if you set bt.

BTW, these setting are for 1. I'm not complaining posted 29 Apr - Reply - Permanent Link Unregistered is there a guide for mac users using utorrent?

Windows 8 doesn't have a concurrent half-open connections limitation either. The link takes me to a error page. This is because the link currently includes "www. Other than that, nice run down. Thanks for the write up. Unregistered I love you I don't know who you are Anon, guy or girl, but I will but you dinner of your choice any day of the week, anywhere cept I'm in Seattle lol hope you get this. Try it on the ubuntu download its free and has high speed seeds.

Mine took over 15 minutes to download with cheat engine set to 0. Without cheat engine the same file downloaded in just over 9 minutes and reported 1. It's up to you. You are right about cheat engine, I was just SO excited to see 1. Unregistered I have to rescind my dramatic reply about cheat engine. Disclaimer Proceed at your own risk! Introduction This is a tutorial step by step guide on how to speed up uTorrent's configuration, a popular BitTorrent software.

What is the best port to open for uTorrent? There's no "best port" or good ports. All ports are suitable for use with uTorrent, unless you are running a program that is using the port.

Some recommend a port number more than , but it does not matter as long as the port is not used by any other program. Remember to re-adjust your port forwarding settings in your firewall and router too. There are two ways to update drivers: How do I reset utorrent settings? Note that this will delete all saved torrents and settings. For Windows XP users: For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, go to C: Delete the utorrent folder To reset the max half open connections, run the lvllord utility again for XP or run the undopatch.

For enabling auto tuning back, the command is: Does this guide apply for the BitTorrent application as well? Yes - the application has just a name change so it is safe to use this guide. If you compare utorrent vs BitTorrent, both are almost the same in features with the differences being the naming, branding, icons and some additional links. There may be additional 'features', but all features from utorrent are there.

I am unable to surf the Internet or my Internet gets cut off when uTorrent is downloading? First, try reducing the upload speed. Finally, impose a download speed limit under " Global Download Rate Limiting ".

Do I still need to port forward if I am on a wired connection to the router? You do need to configure port forward if you are connected to a router via wired or wireless. But if you are connected directly to a modem and not a router , you don't need to port forward as the modem automatically forwards all packets to one computer. Is there any way of finding an open port in my system besides port forwarding?

If your system is behind a router, absolutely no port will be forwarded to you unless your router supports UPnP or the router is configured to port forward.

Click 'Proceed' and then 'Common Ports'. Sometimes I get the message "Attention - this torrent contains files that may harm your computer. Upgrade to uTorrent Plus to protect yourself from viruses hiding in torrents"?

This is uTorrent's attempt to get you to pay for their paid version of uTorrent. Simply ignore the message. But do make sure that you have security software running on your system to scan all your downloaded torrents!

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No amount is too small. Sorry but when i went to the dialogue box where I save the sample torrent the box didn't have the place to check OK so I couldn't continue. Is this possibly because I stillhato fix the router situation - you said go ahead and try a sample but all went fine and it downloaded but I couldn't complete as no OK box. I found that if you set bt. The bad ISP link needs to be fixed. In the past, Transmission has experienced issues with security and malware, but these have now been resolved and the software can be evaluated for what it is: It's worth noting that it's presented as 'early preview' software, so it's still very much a work in progress.

Transmission isn't going to win any beauty pageants — little effort has been taken to make the interface attractive or appealing. That said, it still manages to get the job done. It's slightly unfortunate that the program will be off-putting to many people simply because many options are slightly hidden.

Adjusting settings for individual torrents, for instance, requires you to double-click the entry for the torrent as there is no secondary pane to allow for easy editing. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to the platforms supported by Deluge. As well as Windows and Mac editions, there are also version available for all the major Linux distros — you can even download the source code if you feel like getting your hands dirty.

Windows users will find that the program looks more limited than the other options here, and that first impression is correct — as a client it only really has the basics covered.

Thankfully, Deluge support plugins and there are dozens available official and third-party to download free. This means that despite its apparent simplicity, Deluge is actually the most customizable torrent client out there; you can pick and mix the features you want and ignore the rest. Deluge also supports remote access, and offers convenient extensions for all the popular browsers. So which one should you use? If you are creating a torrent only to share with people you know, go with uTorrent's built-in tracker.

Else, for torrents that you want anyone to be able to download, go with public trackers. This step is only necessary if you are using uTorrent's built in embedded tracker.

If you are using public trackers, it is not needed and you can skip to the next section. You cannot change any part of the download once it is created. For example, if you create a torrent from a folder named 'WEDDING', you must not modify the contents of the folder by adding any new files to the folder as those will not get sent. It's simple - just send the torrent to your friend and your friend simply has to add it to his favorite bittorrent software such as uTorrent.

Just like downloading any other torrent! Give it some time up to a minute for your friend to connect to you. You should see your upload rate start to increase with every peer that begins to download from you.

Activity can be monitored in the Peers tab, after you select the torrent row. Some public trackers may request utorrent to update trackers at only a certain interval e. If you are not able to right-click the torrent and click 'Update Tracker', the only thing you can do is wait till utorrent gets a new list of peers from the tracker. My peers are receiving the error messages "invalid http reply" or "connection closed by peer"?

Most likely your ISP is interfering with the utorrent server. The workaround is to tell your peers to manually add your IP to the peer list. Assuming your peers are using uTorrent,. Another alternative would be to use public trackers instead. Note that using public trackers can end in people you don't know downloading your torrent.

What solutions are there if I am not able to perform port forwarding? If you still can't get the green port forward to work, you will manually need to add peers as none of the peers can connect directly to your tracker. Note that those peers must be able to perform port forward successfully i. To add peers manually, you will need their ip address and port number for each peer in the following format: Once the torrent is seeding, go to the Peers tab, right click on a blank area, click 'Add Peer If even other peers are not able to port forward, you should either use a public tracker or find another computer who can host the tracker not the actual download.

Then when you create the torrent, specify the tracker as the other computer's IP. No 'localhost' tracker is required in this case. Ensure that all parties are using at least uTorrent v2 to take advantage of the UDP hole punching feature.

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Enter the port number in this box and click. You have to use the announce url like this or it wont work:

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

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