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What is My IP?
The Permission option makes me think differently bcos i have just changed permissions of few folders but they are not anywhere related to important folders or files so i believe like there is something fishy in the. Things are never that simple. If you have a continuous connection to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider may assign you a "static IP address". To be clear, the server should be able to handle whatever you did cleanly and report any errors in some relatively useful way. Three ranges of IP numbers are reserved for local or private IP addresses - these are addresses which identify a device on a local network which is isolated from the internet by a router with Network Address Translation. After finished upload all the files that need, I got the message Internal Server Error.

It’s the server’s problem

Can a domain controller have 2 static IP addresses

I wear a lot of hats It can be done but you'll probably end up with more trouble. Unless the services are really critical I would just demote de DC at a low usage time. Then wait and reconfigure the services that fail to use the new DC. Thanks for the quick response. What kind of errors would I be looking at? Are the errors things that Windows is just going to complain about but still work or will it completely shut down services due to the Dual NICs?

Would it be better to simply switch the IP addresses once the old server goes offline? For example - New DC - I would try with 2 NIC before changing the ip adress to the old one. That might result in a bunch of error that are gonna be harder to diagnostic. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. There should be no problems with adding additional IP addresses to Domain Controllers - I do it all the time.

Unless they are configured in a team so they appear to the system as one NIC, it shouldn't really be done on a DC. It used to cause big problems with WINs but you're probably not using that any more.

Thanks a lot for the quick responses. I will then setup a monitoring software I have to watch for the old ip traffic to troubleshoot any problems. I know this is a major CYA move but I rather be safe than sorry.

Thanks again for all the help. It's more than this solution. Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. I hope Sega learned something from Mania and Forces. Even short levels would be okay if they could be beaten with more effort than holding down one button.

They should have learned form how popular Sonic Mania is and how lukewarm Forces is and act on that. It will be a new modern 3D Sonic game called "Sonic Legions" or something; they will add useless gimmicky crap and scrap all the good concepts from the previous games! I wouldn't say a storm, probably a bit of rain, "sonic will take by slight rain" or "sonic will take by annoying wind".

Would personally love a new 2d Sonic with the classic physics but an art style reminiscent of the Wonderboy remake from early last year. If Sonic Mania 2 gets announced, I will Rule 1 involuntarily empty the contents of my bowel directly into my undergarments!

I read that "last year's strong performance" as applying only to Sonic Mania. So it's like, "an update on last year's strong performance of Sonic Mania, and also on Sonic Forces, whatever that game did. It'll be real pairs of sonic shoes that mean you can leg it at light speed wherever you want to. No boundaries - Along walls, around pipes and over Ferris wheels -it's the future.

Yeah, at this point I'm completely sure I'll never be amazed by a Sonic game ever again. Mania was cool and all even if it did highlight just how annoying the series's level design has always been to me , but my dream for the hedgehog is a non-retro win. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath. SEGA, let someone else take the Sonic franchise to great places. He's popular and we're stuck with bad 3D games.

They need to spend more time coming up with fun mechanics instead of just going "Dude, what if we make a level in SPACE!!! Kalmaro I mean, they seem to spend more time thinking about what makes a level cool , instead of on what makes it fun to play. I don't recall a single level in Forces which was genuinely fun, some were just cool looking but pretty repetitive. IMO they should go the Mario "way", where just moving around Mario in an empty space is fun, and then come up with levels around the mechanics.

I bet it's either a Sonic Mania 2, with ALL new levels instead of ones "inspired" by the old games, or a collection of some sort. I'd take either personally. That's what they said with Project Sonic and look how it turned out. I'll keep my expectations low. Good luck to them. Like I said before, in a technically audience-driven franchise any amount of ability to do what they outlined their belief in, all while the results are consequently screwing with the collective fan scum, is worth its weight in gold.

And one of the reasons I expect myself to buy Forces much sooner than Mania. I'm frankly sick and tired of Sega treating Sonic as if it's the only franchise that ever mattered to their fans. I'm grateful for Valkyria Chronicles 4 assuming it actually comes to the West , but considering how long it took for fans to get that bone thrown to them, every churned-out Sonic game is met with apathy where I'm concerned.

Sega may associate Sonic with their glory days, but for me it's come to represent a barrier keeping them from ever returning to those glory days as a publisher, and keeping fans from getting so many of the games we REALLY want.

BenAV What if it's a board game? Anybody else going to be at the panel itself? I went the last two years, and I had a blast both times. Can't wait to see Tyson Hesse this year. Sonic Mania was such a departure of how they do things that it's hard to presume the actual Sonic Team is able to measure up.

Bayonetta is a great series, but Sega is only the publisher, and the same goes for Tembo. Saw the Sonic Mania screenshot and got excited, more of that please. Sold my PS4 copy of Sonic Forces. I really tried to love it, but it just did not keep me interested. Oh boy another Sonic game that is going to be either hit or miss. If it is Sonic Mania 2 then please no more shoehorning too many classic zones, I mean bring back a few Marble, Aquatic, and Ice Cap would be nice but that's it but there should more original zones than the retro ones.

RogueSkyte Pretty sure the weird physics, wispons and the gimped attempt at classic sonic were a part of the gameplay, to say some of those weren't a problem is just being dishonest.

Hopefully they announce another whitehead game or a new promising fan project utopia. Unless they revamp sonic team, generations will remain the only good 3d sonic game i've played and mania will remain my favorite sonic game in years.

We just got two Sonic games last year, so they shouldn't be making yet another game Hrimfaksi Generations was great though. Sonic Forces wasn't horrible, but the levels where too short, the story at the end felt rushed and unpolished, and the gameplay for modern Sonic felt more on rails.

Don't forget shortly after Generations, they announced a 3 game exclusive deal with Nintendo for Wii U, which gave us Lost Worlds, Boom, ad 2 Olympic games.

Could be a similar thing for Switch. TrueAfricanHero You do have a point about the wispon but it's not all bad if anything why couldn't Sega replace the wispon with other playable characters. The burst wispon reminds me of how Blaze played in Sonic Rush. The classic sonic gameplay I also agree is bad and somehow worse than classic Sonic in Generations. Best to approach anything Sonic with caution.

Mania was fantastic, though Sonic doesn't have the best track record.

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