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Censorship of Wikipedia
I have tried all above options, all are blocked. Use Cold Turkey to block anything from a specific webpage to the entire Internet. I also had a very similar message when double clicking on Excel files that I had downloaded via web sites. Of all the suggestions around here, Psiphon 3 has successfully tunneled through the blocked websites in my workplace. We will try some of the steps indicated here Thanks Scholarships Awards. Use Proxy Websites Very often, in a professional environment, the employers draw certain boundaries, restricting your access to some particular websites like video streaming, social networking, or even personal emails.

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This article is about censorship of Wikipedia by governments. For censorship within Wikipedia, see Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not censored. Internet censorship in China. Internet censorship in France. Internet censorship in Iran. Internet censorship in Italy. Internet censorship in Pakistan. Internet censorship in Russia. Internet censorship in Saudi Arabia. Internet censorship in Syria. Internet censorship in Tunisia.

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Retrieved 23 November Retrieved 5 December Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 6 December Retrieved 29 December South China Morning Post. Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 7 April Heise Online in German. Retrieved 5 April Le Point in French. Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 14 April Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 10 April Retrieved 17 May So use this at your own risk.

Open the Local Group Policy Editor gpedit. Locate the policy for: Do not preserve zone information in file attachments 4. While I hope this helps many of you, this will not solve all your issues you may encounter and is only concerning the examples I experienced myself and the specific policy that was needed for these examples.

Office documents may error when opened after a Windows 10 upgrade http: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some other place said i had to copy the file to a fat32 thumbdrive and copy it back in. If you really want to get around a firewall like that, set up your home PC so that you can remote into it. If your network is blocking ports , , , or , you may have to alter the port that your home PC listens on.

Also, if your company or school is using a whitelist only allowing certain sites , you may as well just use a smartphone on the cellular network to check your mail. Gmail is working by thi link https: After reading the above article I should give credit to my IT guys… Not a single trick works…: Once you activate it, your office mail id will receive an email with an activation code, input this code in your gmail the next time you are online….

Please Help Us………… Thanks in Advanced. Another way I just found is mypersonalbrowser. It creates a separate browser where you can surf freely. You can also use this: This one finally did! Here is trick to use gtalk in office when blocked. One of these worked for me. If all the above options are not working for you, come and try my website, in which you all can be helped in many ways…. I was able to get access of Gmail. I had tried a lot with different url and their suggestions nothing worked out.

You will need to register your cellphone first though you must have an Indian cellphone number to register! You can also use GTalk and Yahoo Messenger if they are blocked in your place. Not to forget, you can also send unlimited SMS to any cellphone in India… which is the main purpose of the site!! Thanks for the tips, however all these methods are blocked for me. I can suggest two other options that may work for some people again, depending on the IT security of your organisation — 1 Bring in your own laptop, and connect to the wireless network — that way, you are not inheriting domain proxy settings; 2 Use a memory stick, with a portable web browser to access the web.

Last option for me would be to get an iPhone to access Gmail over mobile internet… an expensive solution, but there would be added benefits: Your email address is safe with us! Developed by iGuiding Media. September 24, at August 5, at July 10, at September 3, at 9: July 3, at July 2, at 1: May 10, at 6: IT department too clever… Blocked all sites… usb access etc on PC… but only one way is left… What you do id..

May 3, at 9: April 17, at 7: January 6, at December 9, at 7: December 1, at Folks, Try logging into plus. November 17, at 7: You can use outlook or connect windows live mail to gmail. September 28, at 7: September 4, at 4: August 23, at 3: August 8, at August 2, at July 29, at 6: I am unable to make friends in the IT department!!

July 26, at 7: I am unable to access yahoo mail from my office…please suggest me some sites. July 20, at July 16, at 6: January 9, at 1: July 6, at 9: July 6, at 3: June 26, at 4: June 4, at 5: June 11, at 3: June 16, at 5: May 25, at 6: May 4, at 2: April 25, at 8: Chris de Vidal says: April 23, at April 5, at 8: April 3, at 1: March 31, at May 26, at 9: March 18, at 9:

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EarthLink Support Center. Welcome to the EarthLink Support Center! From this page you can either search for any topic in the search field or select your issue from the available menu items above. Access blocked websites by your ISP. No more ISP autonomy, checkout how to access any blocked websites just with a few tricks. Home» My Latest Articles» Tips & How Tos» Access blocked websites by your ISP. How To Access Blocked Websites? — 13 Easy Ways To Bypass Them. Unblock websites at school, office, etc.