Skeleton key

Keep the Skeleton Key?

Skeleton Key (Keep it AND finish questline?)
Would I get in trouble if I said I want to be a serial killer online? Lever lock skeleton keys are used in a lock with usually three or five levers and a set of wards that come into contact with the bit of the key only on the sides — the top is for pushing the levers to their correct heights while the warded section of the key just has to pass uninterrupted to allow the key to rotate fully. Nov 12, Messages: You however, can pick the unbreakable lockpick perk in the skill tree, if you get high enough. Jun 1, Messages: The one thing about this replacement is that it works as if you have multiple keys as even when you break it.

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Skyrim:Quick question, should I keep the Skeleton Key or not?

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The skeleton key is an unbreakable key that you have to return in order to continue with the Thieves questline. However, you can keep the skeleton key until you get the unbreakable pick perk, then continue the Thieves questline. Dec 15,  · by normal means, no you can't keep the skeleton key, but there is a cool trick that involves hearing something, ok so you slowly go to the left, or the right, with the lockpick, and slowly turn it to the other side, etc and keep moving until you hear a click sound I believe, then when you are on it, then turn it with the right stick on the. Nov 11,  · Keeping the Skeleton Key? I know that you eventually have to give the key back in order to finish the quest, but I was wondering if there was any possible way of keeping it, like killing or pickpocketing the person who takes it or do you just have to hold off on completing the quest in order to keep it%(16).