Netflix DNS-unblocking without SNI for your Xbox 360, PS3, WDTV, Samsung TV

2. Use a Wired Adapter

How to Connect a Playstation 3 Controller to a Mac in OS X El Capitan, Yosemite & Mavericks
July 5, at 3: Buttons Layout Changer v1. Hi, thanks for the great tutorial. Games that are fixed with Open Manager v1. I have a orbitsound soundbar analog only.

reActPSN v3.20+

VPN PS3 – Best VPN for Sony Playstation 3

I am able to cast Youtube and Netflix Videos but not my entire iPad. I am able to cast with my Nexus phone, but it keeps my phone occupied: And it makes me angry. Mirroring is the only way I can watch Amazon prime videos with Chromecast and you can't mirror on an iPad.

Amazon is also snarky because you can't Chromecast the prime video player app. Will be quitting that service when it is set to expire. Amazon wants you to buy their fire technology. I bought Chromecast for Netflix and I shouldn't have to buy different hardware for prime. Amazon misled me when I subscribed to prime, but it is my fault for not testing extensively during the trial period.

NEVER believe what a app provider tells you until you test it yourself. The big issue here is that everyone wants you to do it their way. AirPlay, Chromecast, and whatever Amazon uses are all at odds with each other. This is what we mean when we talk about buying the ecosystem, not the device: Of course, with some much available to stream now, you don't have to use these much anymore. I have a Sony Bravia smart TV. I can tap into my computer wirelessly to display my pictures and videos.

Or you can try MCplayer by Arkuda. Cant wait to get rid of it and get something that actually isn't about Apple's stock holders making money and more about the end user, ME the consumer.

Finally decided to get a new TV with mirroring and what a shock, this piece of crap call iphone doesn't do wireless screen mirroring unless I waste MORE money on another piece of crap apple product. I went from android to apple and was super excited, i love my ipad, but the phone is little better than a paperweight as far as I am concerned. I can't wait to get another Android phone.

I have just purchased a omnicast HDMI streeming dongle, all apears to work well except i cant get mirroring from my iphone 4 onto my TV i have gone through all the setting information without any trouble until i try to switch on mirroring from my phone to the TV when i get to the part in setting to turn on mirroring there is no on switch available only a cancel bar, has any one else experienced this problem if so is there a way round it so as i can mirror all my apps from my iphone onto my TV??

Ok so I'm trying to view videos in a vehicle using the ipad, but also viewing on the ipad as well. How can I do this, I've tried sports but cannot find a reliable link, they send me to some coupon page. Lightning Digital Av Adapter - http: I think Airplay is the best method to connect your iDevice to a TV. Compared to the Lightning adapter the Apple TV delivers more value for money. A nice infographic in this tutorial brings it to the point: In my dorm, I use a lightning adapter you can pick one up really cheap on eBay if you don't mind that it wasn't made by Apple for quick plug and play.

At home, plugging in cables in the cramped space behind the TV is an acrobatic feat that's worthy of legend. And even if you manage that or leave the cable lying around , there's no good place to put down your device. Hence, an Apple TV is the tool of choice. Anyway the SRC is not my virtual interface.

I think I make some mistakes with iptables. Beart, can you explain that part a little bit? I started with your explanations and it worked at the end with pure-sni. I have written down what I did step by step for myself and others like me. I started on fresh VPS and Pi installations, some steps may be unnecessary:.

I get fallowing error when trying to start haproxy 1. Jan, How did you set up http: That situation is non sni right? It actually runs on my Samsung tv. You probably need a combination of the two approaches. If i put port 53 open on the raspberry pi, and i use my external internet ip as dns server.

Except Netflix and all the others like abc. They will link to Jan, I want my netflix all the time, sometimes i am in Belgium and Germany. But i dont have a clue how to acces my setup from the outside.

Saw it because i did a ping -a http: It resolves to my raspberry pi. And much other websites resolves to That might give conflicts? But not on my samsung tab. And all the other sites then Netflix will not load. Do you have an idea? There are quite a few places where things can go wrong. Now the last step. But when i go to netflix for example. No page will load. Need to set the correct iptables i guess. Free local ip range, starting with And when i change the content of the stock file haproxy.

It will give a lot of errors: No, i cant make it work. Can you help me maybe? But i want non sni for my samsung tv. Specially borrowd a usa VPS for this: Or do i need both files? Make sure to use static IP addresses in sequential order and route them to your local Linux server using virtual interfaces. My RPi eth0 adres is But i have other devices running.

Will de RPi resevate the adresses Otherwise when friends are here and they login on my wifi with there smartphones.

My router will give them Do need to edit config. I use the For more information, see interfaces 5. The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address Hi Jan, I run the php haproxy-genconf. I have downloaded the latest file haproxy-genconf. You could use yum or apt-get to install it. I have no idea why this is happening. Obviously, this approach has some serious limitations but it may be helpful for debugging.

Well somehow when using haproxy I get netflix over ipv4, but when browsing directly on the server it chooses ipv6.

Not sure why this is different…. Thanks Jan I tried this it runs some code then comes back something went wrong with that request. There are too many variables. I think we are confused with all 3 posts and approaches.

Is there a chance that we can get a clear step by step tutorial from beginning for non-sni solution? Hey guys, How to run the script? The command is shown in the post. However, a commenter on Github said it would. Oh and I forgot, thanks so much for the previous guide and this one obviously, I was looking for exactly this when unlocator was no longer free.

Next Post Apache2 2. May 29, at May 2, at Wow thank you for this guide! I managed to create a shell script to get everything started fast: April 12, at April 11, at Thank you so much Jan, this worked very well for me. Using a FireTV with the latest firmware and Netflix. March 16, at March 17, at Thanks for this page! January 19, at December 30, at I hope anyone knows anything. December 15, at Everything works without them. November 23, at November 7, at I just had a quick look at it when connecting with Firefox: November 8, at Managed to make it start with: October 15, at October 12, at Also instead of binding ip in haproxy can we use fully qualified dns name for the remote server.

Also, do you monitor traffic from game consoles. September 20, at September 17, at This article makes perfect sense and actually works. September 5, at Hacktek and Jan thank you for your replies I am running now non-sni. Windows and Android still work as usual. August 20, at August 19, at August 10, at August 8, at August 7, at I tried the same rules with the unblock us servers and sadly it worked perfectly: August 3, at July 31, at Hi, Thanks for the guide.

Problem is that my IP changes all the time when jumping from one cell tower to another Thanks! July 24, at May 21, at What do I put in the first xxx Thanks in advance. July 20, at July 17, at July 16, at July 15, at June 19, at Thank you so much for this project. Now I can watch even more TV: Hope that the following helps others using tomato or ddwrt: Used jffs to store the scripts and hosts file.

June 14, at Thanks for making the scripts available, makes the config so much easier! June 11, at Hi, thanks for the great tutorial. Is that feasible or am I missing something obvious? May 13, at May 11, at May 6, at I used the file output from the generator and get the following error: February 18, at May 5, at April 29, at Thanks, that link helped. Got it up and running. April 28, at April 25, at April 23, at April 21, at April 20, at April 19, at I started on fresh VPS and Pi installations, some steps may be unnecessary: April 18, at April 17, at April 16, at Jan, How to use it exernal?

Opening port 53 will be enough?

We’ve got a remedy! VPN

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