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Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2. Halcom CA FO This update does not contain any other changes. Japan Certification Services, Inc. AddTrust Public Services Root. Microsec e-Szigno Root CA.

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Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program: Participants (as of January 30, 2018)

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Chambers of Commerce Root 6E: Active AC Camerfirma, S. Chambers of Commerce Root - Chambers of Commerce Root - 2D: Global Chambersign Root Global Chambersign Root - 4A: Athex Athens Exchange S. C6 Active CA Disig a. Carillon Information Security Inc. A8 Active Certipost s. E4 Active DigiCert Hotspot 2. Buypass Class 2 CA 1. Buypass Class 2 Root CA. Buypass Class 3 Root CA.

CA Disig Root R1. CA Disig Root R2. Camerfirma Chambers of Commerce Root. Camerfirma Global Chambersign Root. Certification Authority of WoSign G2. Certinomis - Root CA. Certplus Class 2 Primary CA. Certplus Root CA G1. Certplus Root CA G2. Certum Trusted Network CA. Certum Trusted Network CA 2. Chambers of Commerce Root - Comodo AAA Services root. Comodo Secure Services root. Comodo Trusted Services root. Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2. DigiCert Global Root G2. DigiCert Global Root G3.

DigiCert Trusted Root G4. Entrust Root Certification Authority. Entrust Root Certification Authority - G2. GeoTrust Global CA 2. GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority. GeoTrust Universal CA 2.

Global Chambersign Root - Go Daddy Class 2 CA. Hongkong Post Root CA 1. Microsec e-Szigno Root CA. Microsec e-Szigno Root CA Network Solutions Certificate Authority. QuoVadis Root CA 2. QuoVadis Root CA 3. Root CA Generalitat Valenciana. RSA Security v3. Security Communication Root CA. Sonera Class 2 Root CA. Starfield Class 2 CA.

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AffirmTrust is recognized globally as a trusted Certification Authority (CA) so you can be sure your websites—and your customers’ transactions are protected. Learn more Why AffirmTrust . Fingerprint Issuer Serial Public Key Download Tools; ­­8b20­ed02­f­c­d1d6­ed90­9f45­f: self signed: ­­­­ Welcome. You have reached the AffirmTrust test server. If you can see this page your browser has the correct certificates installed. This page is designed as a test.