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This article is about the media player. Thank you very much deleting the host file fixed my problem. These include multimedia, music apps, and games. Try resetting your wifi device. Retrieved March 28,

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Are your operating systems on your device and ATV up to date? If so give your device and ATV a longer time to pair? Some time it can take a few minutes. After a long time of down loading to the Apple TV and beeing able to mirror to the tv the phone will not play utube viedos to the tv it kicks it off every time and looks for wifi. I had help with Apple last night any thoughts. Must use phone to tv it is the the only Internet source. Phone does not have hotspot. Keith I am in the same situation.

I have no other internet source and my phone is not a hot spot. Keith and Missy, In order to stream video both devices will need to be on wifi. You could try to access youtube through the browser on the phone and not the app.

Just found your discussion! I have an ipad 4. Have tried off and on all semester in my elem. Hi Cendy, an new apple TV should be a good option for you.

The music apps will work as long as they do not require use of the internet. Follow all the steps in the blog and it should work for you. Let me know if you have any other questions. I originally bought the Ipad to use in the classroom, and it has been frustrating to say the least not being able to use it! I have been trying get the Apple TV and Ipad 4 working together. So far no luck. You mention making sure Bluetooth is on both the apple tv and ipad.

What am I doing wrong? Is it brand new? If it is and cannot find Bluetooth then it might be defective. It is brand new. I double checked the model no. It is A, and is the 3rd generation Rev. It said that it did the software update successfully. Restart both devices and try again. Make sure WiFi is on for both devices but do not choose a network. If that doesnt work I think you need to return your Apple TV because the Bluetooth does not work correctly.

I am so glad I found your advice here. After seeing it i went out And bought an Apple TV. As of right now it is now working but I see you say to update the Apple tv software so I will take it he to update get it back to class and let you know. I am sorry I meant to say it is not working and I will take it home to up date it. My auto correct has a mind of its own. Just a follow up question. I am trying to use a iPad Air and a Apple TV I want to watch a movie on a hd TV Using AirPlay mirroring at a cabin that I have where no internet is available what so ever And it keeps telling me there is an error code 3 or something like that.

I was told I could do this with no problems. I just read your blog and got excited that theres someone who believes in this protocol as well. I am very confused on this that how Apple TV works. I am using Apple TV 4th gen. I turned on the wifi on the Apple TV and iPhone and they connect fine and the only problem I am facing is that you will need to keep the bluetooth turnon on your iPhone while connecting because otherwise it is not working.

I wonder if theres any catch in the protocol which allows both devices to connect while wifi and bluetooth is on on iPhone but not on wifi only.

I caught your comment about leaving wifi on, even though it is not connected to a network critical! It does mirror, but only photos, not video. Have you been able to get this to work with video? Jason, I have not had luck streaming video. However, I have found that now if I leave the Wi-Fi network on my phone or other mobile device on and just run Bluetooth on my AppleTV I am able to run applications that require you to be on the Internet.

I am also able to stream from music services. It works great for what I need is a teacher. It will play video for me without using home internet with wifi, but only videos that i have locally stored on my device. Nothing from you tube, netflix, or hbo now will play. Almost seems like some underhanded agreement with the wireless networks is at play here. Thanks for this article. There have been a few teething problems with it but I have had powerpoints using slideshark with embedded vids with sound running no problem.

As always the old off and on again advice usually does the trick. Thanks for sharing Darren! Trying to watch wrestle mania on my tv through my phone. Hey Carlos, I wanted to let you know that this is a teacher blog and not tech-support. However, to answer your question unfortunately you will be most likely be unable to stream the video you desire. Only videos stored on your device work, and streaming videos only work when streamed from apple tv app.

Meaning apple tv need to be connected to the internet not as mirror to your device. Plain english- if your internet is you phone, then you are out of luck!!! Is there anyway to secure the Apple TV from unauthorized people from projecting their iPad onto the Apple TV and hijacking my presentations. Any suggestions on how to secure it now? I tried to do this at home. I have an iPad2 and the right Appletv, I have tried with networks forgotten on both devices and also turned on on the iPad.

They both just say searching. I have related both and they are both updated. Does Bluetooth work in the country? I am using the playbox HD app and the process you describe. Does this require a certain version of apply TV. Example- in a classroom where the network becomes an issue? This DOES work, but will not allow video like stated.

Even when watching the video in safari. The confusing part was the wifi and Bluetooth. Now for the Apple TV turn Bluetooth on. Mine kept searching but I just ignored it. Now go to the wifi and it asked you to choose a network. Leave the Apple TV at thw screen asking you to choose a network and hit the air play button. It should come up with the Apple TV and then switch to mirror mode.

I will be returning Apple TV and just getting the adapter to Hdmi cord. All I wanted to do was to be able to watch Netflix on my tv or other videos without wifi.

Thanks and hopes this helps. When I meant got to the air play I meant on your apple device for me iPhone 6 plus and turn on mirror mode. Video streaming does work without wifi, as long as you can use the hotspot on your iphone. I tried it at home by turning off my internet and using only my iphone and putting the bluetooth and wifi setting on both are essential and making sure I connected the hotspot wifi to the apple tv.

I was able to watch netflix and HBO, this is some really awesome stuff! Corina, using your iphone as a hotspot means you need to consider teethering limits imposed by your cell provider. After you reach your monthly allowance your connection will drop or depending on your carrier you may incur additional charges.

This discussion is very misleading… you do not lead a wifi connection but you still required a device iPhone, router to relay between the apple tv and your macbook iMac. I am doing it right now with my router disabled. So far i have not been able to do it. Is it still somehow possible to ignore certificate errors? This problem has been reported to Mozilla in their support forum. The reason is that Firefox 33 has fully switched to the more strict libPKIX and you can no longer disable this library and fall back to the previous NSS code.

See related Mozilla blog post and bug:. Bug - Remove NSS-based certificate verification. If your problem is like mine, on a webmin site, try recreating the certificate from inside webmin.

It helped me get back the "make security exception" in FF I had the same issue with Webmin and firefox This must have been the default key size when I installed Webmin a couple of years ago.

Firefox 33 no longer supports keys less than bits with good reason. Just login to the Webmin web UI and select: Fill in the form or leave the defaults and then click the Create Now button. This will update your self-signed certificate for Webmin and you will now be able to access the page from Firefox 33 With the usual browser warning about an untrusted connection.

Tried suggestion by wisbucky but needed browser restart to bypass "Secure Connection Failed" error. For messages about a weak DH key, try toggling the following preferences in Firefox's about: Another potential fix worth noting: One in particular that was noted here: In particular, the discussion at the linked site points out that somehow the security. One easy way to check if this is happening without first mucking around with your about: Thank you for your interest in this question.

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I'm leaning towards "different error" also. Just updated to Firefox 33 and the "Connection is Untrusted" dialog is unchanged for me.

A change like you're suggesting removal of user choice for invalid certificates would break so much on web interfaces across corporate intranets, many parts on the Internet, and especially SOHO devices like cable modems and WiFi routers. It's more likely that there's an actual problem connecting to the server or something. It's also possible you're encountering a known bug which appears to have been around since FF You conveniently obscured the actual error code, I believe.

Also, the image is small.

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