How to update to the Latest Version on an Asustor

Upgrading network equipment to 10gbE required.

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Thanks a lot, man! You saved my hair! Edited by TSandman, 24 July - Please refer to attached pic 3 Step 2: In openvpn setup - Advanced - there is a flag: How to upgrade the web configuration from Apache 2. Do anyone knows anything about it?

Now with two Gigabit ports, up to double the speed

Thanks anyway for your great and really fast support here and a great piece of software! Posted 24 July - Got a Weird behaviour since I've used this option to upgrade Emby: Posted 25 July - Posted 01 August - Posted 04 August - I don't see the.

I have emailed the Asustor rep who handles packaging Emby Server and have asked him to please update it to the latest version. In the future we plan to take over this process ourselves and then new releases will always be immediately available. Posted 22 August - The address for the latest version keeps changing Posted 01 September - Posted 26 September - Posted 28 October - Posted 29 October - Posted 04 March - But now if i try to update to version 3.

Search Advanced Search section: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. You can highlight all local files and drag them across to the remote path 8.

Once complete for me it took around 10 seconds , you can disconnect your WinSCP session 9. Go back to Asustor App Central and re-enable Emby Edited by geoff, 29 August - Edited by TSandman, 24 July - Several months ago those settings changed from global to per library and that's why you had to reconfigure them.

Thanks Edited by freeflight29, 26 September - You can do it in real time or that you can do it once wifi is available. If not, you can use transcoding to convert the video to a lo Please follow below steps: Open Command Prompt cmd in Windows.

Install Media Pack 2. Some of the functions will not be supported in Chrome There are quite a few way that you can access the files through WAN. The way to set your own domain address is simple http: How can I remotely backup data or photo from internet cafe PC or my phone? To remotely backup data from PC remotely, you can: To remotely backyp data or photo from iPhone or Android Phone: If the denotation is "Yes", it means that th How do I set up album artwork for my music collection on iTunes Server so that t To set up the artwork for your album, please name the photo of the artwork as one of the following: And then save the photo in png or jpg format and put it into the same album' How do I set up the authority authentication of Photo Gallery?

You can follow the following steps to set up the authority: Set up the authority for each user so that each user can see the album you set up for them with different a Please kindly refer to the following: Download the wanted version just the perl tarbal version from http: That means system integrators and home users can take advantage of boosted interoperability and more flexib How to deal with asynchronous sound or mosaic when playing recorded file.

Main reason for asynchronous sound or mosaic when playing recorded file. Please follow below steps to solve this issue. Please refer to attached pic 3 Step 2: If you have experienced a possible data loss situation, please contact ASUSTOR technical support center [1] to determine the cause of the problem, and to assist in troubleshooting and How to reconfigure the password of root account in MariaDB. Use ssh to login into the NAS by "root" account 3. How to set up HiDrive backup.

There are two transfer modes which you can choose. There also are five transfer types you can choose How to upgrade the web configuration from Apache 2.

When you upgrade to ADM 3. Some of configuration of your available site will need to Please refer to steps below for the configurations: But be sure that the subnet address of VPN client and VPN server should not be the same, eg, should not all the same as If I want to let certain user have access to certain subfolder instead of the ot Let us give an example as follows: You want to share only "test1" subfolder for user "asustor" while other users can access all the folders within "Media" share folder.

In openvpn setup - Advanced - there is a flag: Route all traffic through VPN. It is normally applied in cases such as some countries may have censored certain websites or some ser You can check from Logitech website for compatibility list: For sharing a folder or files to be zipped, the maximum size of files within that folder or the sum of files is 2GB.

But if just share one single file not folder or files to be zipped , then there is no limitation. It is because to share a folder or file Is there or what is the default administrator user and password for Tomcat? TOMCAt will have different roles for specific access right. It defines the following roles:

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