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This is a good reason to eventually have it run as a Chrome extension on Android instead of an app. They can pay the bills in a much less dangerous method to the public. Just with the help of a different browser which accepts add-on installation from Chrome Store. I have to disagree, it was definitely wanted. There are plenty of ways to give yourself a leg up while mobile. Any Word on being able to add Chrome extensions from my Android device to my Android device's Chrome?

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How to add extensions to desktop Chrome from Android Chrome

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Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

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I know how badly you want to be able to use extensions on Chrome for Android, and you maybe skimmed the title of this post thinking this might be by . Does Chrome for Android support apps and extensions? Chrome apps and extensions are currently not supported on Chrome for Android. We . Install Google Chrome Extension on Android Browser with this simple method and enjoy the web with full utility support. Download the Add-on on the Browser and make full out of the browser.