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Hillary Clinton emails - what's it all about?
How do I know if my information was included? To disable, and gracefully remove , SMBv1 in Windows 8. The course includes providing the students with the opportunity to apply the product to a batch process application. No, we are not aware of the fraudulent use of anyone's personal information. Friday, September 21, - Sunday, September 23, This will help you resolve any possible misuse of your personal information and provides you with superior identity protection services focused on immediate resolution of identity theft.

September Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC)

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The executive summary says, "From the available logs, it did not appear that any of the Personally Identifiable Information stored on the server was exfiltrated. It is classified as Amber, which means that "recipients may only share information with members of their own organization who need to know. Those affected are automatically eligible to use this service - there is no action required on their part. If a problem arises, our constituents simply call AllClear ID and a dedicated investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore their credit and make sure their identity is returned to its proper condition.

AllClear ID is also ramping up a call center that will be available in about a week to take calls and answer any questions our constituents may have about this issue or the service that is being provided.

News Conference Audio Recording Available 3. An entity operating outside the United States apparently used the server as a launching pad to attack other computers, possibly accessing outside accounts to send phishing emails.

Unfortunately, personal information, such as names and Social Security numbers, was housed on that server. There is no evidence that the intruder accessed any of the personal information. As a precautionary measure, steps are being taken to inform all who could potentially be impacted by the suspicious activity.

It's disturbing that higher education is often targeted by criminal elements in today's global assaults on IT systems. No credit card or bank account information was contained in the records. The suspicious activity was discovered on Feb. A thorough internal investigation and forensic analysis was conducted to understand the cause and scope of the incident. Law enforcement has been contacted, and the server information was also sent to a national forensic organization to confirm the internal analysis.

To support this effort, NDUS removed all access to the affected server and revalidated each individual user, initiated more stringent intrusion detection measures, and developed a taskforce to address how we access data even more securely. NDUS has established a web page that provides more details about the incident. It will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available.

In addition, NDUS is making arrangements to provide identity protection services for one year for all those who wish to use it. A call center will be established soon to assist those who have additional questions.

More information about these services will be posted on the website as soon as it is available. The attacker s compromised existing login accounts to gain access to the server. How this was accomplished is currently under investigation. Does this mean someone stole my personal information? We don't believe any personal information was stolen.

Our investigation, as well as the investigation of an external forensics organization, revealed that even though an unauthorized person s did gain access to the server, there was no evidence that any sensitive information was accessed or transferred from the server. Based on the forensic investigation, it is likely the intruder's intent was only to use the server's processing power to launch attacks on other computers and systems. The intruder may not have even been aware that the sensitive information was stored on this server.

We do not have sufficient evidence, however, to determine without a doubt that the information was not acquired. The North Dakota University System is, therefore, taking the precautionary measure of distributing an advisory to all individuals whose information was on the server, so that they can take appropriate steps if concerned.

What personal information was involved? Who and how many individuals were affected? The server contained the name, Social Security number, and other student information for , current and former students including some Fall applicants.

The server also contained the Social Security number and employee ID number for faculty and staff members. How do I know if my information was included?

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This Exam Prep session is designed for people experienced with Windows Server who are interested in taking the (Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure) and (Implementing. UPDATE: NEWS RELEASE | Call center opens in response to suspicious activity on NDUS server The North Dakota University System (NDUS) has contracted AllClear ID to provide call center support and identity protection services to those affected by the suspicious server activity. This server delivers web pages from faculty, staff, and students of North Carolina State University. Material on pages contained on this server are not endorsed by, sponsored by, or provided on behalf of North Carolina State University.