VPN - Unable to Ping Remote Gateway IP once VPN is established

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IP VPN is a cost effective managed networking solution for today's dynamic enterprises. VPN traffic is managed end-to-end by one carrier, with knowledge of your source and destination sites for managed VPN-level functionality. It supports mission-critical data transfers, with remote access provided by a direct dial service.

This technology enables secure and reliable performance levels. Business Proposition IP VPN networking solution fully provides for the installation, maintenance and management of the network for your organisation. It is especially suitable for organisations that have limited network expertise. TM's IP VPN offers simplified network management and communications with customers, partners and suppliers for a more efficient e-business. IP VPN lets you focus on growing your business while we manage your network.

Link, manage and connect your business anywhere cost effectively. Today, businesses demand greater bandwidth and enhanced performance to meet their ever-increasing communication needs. Companies must be able to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate with geographically dispersed employees, remote workers, business partners, and suppliers.

So like my colleagues question to me is why does Fortigate put a static route to the peer's IP address pointing to the vpn tunnel once the tunnel is established. Does the remote IP address fall into the phase2 Quick Mode selectors? Hi Ede, How to verify that from FortiGate side? But Phase1 is set to Main Mode. We suspect that the presence of connected route to tunnel interface is what caused the FG unable to ping the remote peer IP.

Basically, remote peer IP will be reachable via default route. But since FG creates that connected route, it forces the route over to that tunnel interface instead of the default route which creates a routing issue when the vpn is established.

It shouldn't if you set up a standard main mode static IPsec. Hi Toshi, Please find below. This config is a normal main mode static config, as we have everywhere. That should show up as a set of connected routes as well as the local tunnel. We just had another thread discussing about how to configure it.

Similar problem was resolved. Change the encryption method. Change the encryption method in your isakmp policy to 3des crypto ikev1 policy 10 authentication pre-share encryption des hash md5 group 2 lifetime IPsec client does not support des. Created by hslai on Created by Ian Adams on Hello everyone, I recently ran into an issue on ISE 2.

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