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Is it illegal to download torrent files?
Why visit Internet Archive — Huge library of film torrents, music, and books. Intellectual property rights are not enacted into law everywhere. Getting something for free that you would otherwise have to pay for is the very definition of theft. Those who make available original creative work are going to have to come up with a different pricing structure. Right, but we know what OP is really asking, and I don't think that giving oblique, semantic answers to a fairly straightforward question is very helpful.

13 Websites for Legal Torrent Downloading

13 Best Websites For Legal Torrents And Safe Downloading | 2017 Edition

Others are deliberately downloading illegal content off Torrent networks. Consumers love paying nothing for products, services, and information. Free products are freeing for everyone involved — except for those who want to get paid for their work. Here are the main reasons why people download illegally:. Anything done creatively is protected by copyright laws , which protects artists and media companies.

They created the work, and they want compensation for their hard work without people stealing their work for free. Once the content is published, the owner of the content owns the copyright to that content for a certain amount of years.

Most are for the life of the creator plus an additional 50 years. But each copyright law is different, depending on where you reside. Another license that needs to be addressed is the creative commons license. There are some instances where the line between individuals and publishing companies giving the public permission to use their work is blurry. All these laws protect the owners of the content.

These laws make sure each artist, actor, and person receiving royalty checks keep getting paid for their work. From their point of view, pay is low for creative works of art. It takes thousands of dollars to create a beautiful song or movie scene, and the owners want compensation for their hard work.

The content makes the act illegal. Your boss gave you permission to download that document, anyway. Your ISP will shut down your downloads if they see you sucking up the bandwidth from other users on their network.

This system alerts illegal users of their activity through email. Before the signing of the Copyright Alert System, media companies would group a lot of illegal downloaders together and sue them all at once in civil courts. The first couple of emails are sent as warnings. Over time, if you keep doing illegal activity, you will have to fill out a form stating that you received the third and fourth emails. Of course, no matter how hard we try, some of you are going to download illegal content.

Just be weary of your activity, and you should be fine. Common reasons to download illegally Consumers love paying nothing for products, services, and information. Here are the main reasons why people download illegally: Free Music Remember Napster? They were one of the first companies to start peer-to-peer P2P file-sharing services for MP3 downloads of popular songs. Over time, some of these songs were downloaded for free off other P2P file-sharing networks.

Instead of paying for an entire album, or one song off iTunes, people could download those songs using the P2P networks. Free Movies Once music files were downloaded, the attention turned to the movie industry. These files are much larger than music files, but users can still download movies in a matter of minutes on a torrent network.

Free TV Shows Again, why pay a few dollars a month for Netflix when you can download every episode of Friends for free? Other Media Besides the big three of music, movies, and TV shows, there are other media users can download illegally. Anything that is digitized can be downloaded illegally.

Section 65A talks about circumventing technical measures deployed for protecting copyright. This section is directly applicable to cracks used for installing pirated software. Any person using a crack for defeating activation requirements or to dispense with a license key is liable under this provision. Other instances would include access to a subscription site like Netflix or any other similar site by hacking.

Section 63B not given in the message displayed onscreen is directly applicable to use of pirated computer programs and makes it an offence. There is no equivalent of Section 63 for content other than software programs. Merely browsing a torrent website cannot be an offense unless one begins to download and store. Even then, if one is not distributing or circulating the content downloaded from Torrent websites, it is doubtful whether an offense is made out under the current laws.

This discussion does not apply to computer programs. We can always stretch the law and prosecute by misusing. So if given a choice, download a movie, but don't share it amongst your friends. Still confused about downloading torrents? Written By Debasis Nayak. Tata Teleservices Web Exclusive torrent Torrent Sites Consumer trends Trending news torrents India torrent download Torrent sites download download free Torrents torrents jail torrents india download torrent websites india.

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I think Torrent is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted material from torrent is illegal. So buddy, download things that are legal and leave stuffs illegal. Countries like India and China have billion + population. No body can monitor them. So downloading copyrighted stuffs through torrents can work in such countries. Those BitTorrent giants - and others like them - have built their businesses by outwitting the seemingly hapless MPAA and RIAA. The increased acceptance of illegally downloading media has affected the bottom line of the movie and music industry over the past decade, and that isn't good news for torrent fans. Torrent files are used by bitTorrent file sharing and downloading technology. Are they illegal? No. But something else might be.