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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention six feet funeral home michael c hall story line great show character development peter krause well written alan ball years ago story lines love this show highly recommend best series dark humor every episode second time started watching series ever american beauty.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Prime Video Verified Purchase. This is the best show I've ever seen on TV. It is what began the new era of quality television, and it still shines as brightly. It is simply transcendent. Give yourself the heart space for it, the brain space. Do this for your soul. It is a meditation on life in the most unexpected and profound ways. I'm surprised I hadn't thought to write a review for this show yet.

About 10 years ago, I had a membership to Blockbuster and I had pretty much rented everything there was to see in my local store. I started renting random videos that were not my usual go-to's, and Six Feet Under was one of those shows.

I had no idea what it was about, but I remember the ambigious cover art had caught my attention a few times and I decided, hey why the heck not? I'll check it out. And that was the beginning of what felt like a profound journey that opened my eyes to what life is really about. Not that I think I didn't know what life was about already, but most of us are so set in our ways and what we believe is right, that we fail to see the perspective of others.

It gave me insight into so many things that we take for granted. All the characters, even the ones you don't like, are extremely relatable. We have all been in one of their situations and can empathize with what the characters are going through or may know someone who is like them. I don't want to babble on and on about how amazing this show is, all I have to say is that you must absolutely give this show an opportunity and keep an open mind and watch it.

It is a crazy, spirited,whirlwind of emotions and lessons that anyone can learn a thing or two from. It's like if you died and "life" flashed before your eyes I personally really identified with Claire, as I was about her age when I started watching this the first time. I just rewatched it recently after many years and when I finished watching the ending, I told myself that in another couple of years, I will have to watch this show again.

You will just have to see for yourself. There is nothing else out there quite like this show. I came late to the game as I did not have HBO while this show was airing, but I made a mental note even back then, that I would get around to watching this amazing show. I started watching Dexter before I saw this show and now I see the similarities and ideas that came from the character Michael C.

Hall plays on the show and the one he plays on Dexter. Of course, when we like one character or the actor in that role , we want more of that kind of character and intensity, so I'm not surprised.

Also, the way the deceased father appears by the characters' side and casually shares his opinions and thoughts about things happening in his living son's life is wonderful and a great device to allow viewers a look into the character's thoughts without having them be narrated. The acting is terrific and while the high school situations are always so exaggerated in most shows, this one included, the daughter is so refreshing and interesting.

The show doesn't feel like an LA-based show, though. It feels more East Coast. I have only just begun watching the show, but both episodes I've seen have made me cry.

The grief and heart-wrenching emotions the characters are going through are captured so well. Glad I finally made it to the game, even if it's been long over for everyone else. One of the best shows ever produced. You might find the premise depressing or disturbing--life inside a family that owns a funeral home--but trust me when I tell you it is not. Reaching a decade old is quite an achievement for any torrent site and a feat that few achieve.

Today we speak with TorrentReactor, one of the oldest public torrent sites and one that celebrates its tenth birthday this year. We hear about the good times and bad, and how they're currently fighting Google to maintain their traffic.

Both bear the scars of battle but remain defiant, at least for now, but there are others who achieve longevity with far fewer war wounds. At the start of the year, TorrentReactor was the ninth most-popular torrent site on the Internet.

Like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents the site has been subjected to domain blocking in recent years but currently offers its own proxy workaround. Over several years TorrentReactor evolved into a big torrent indexing machine serving many millions of people per week.

The site rarely had a sustainable team of developers and many of those involved were running other projects at the same time. He brings acrobat rich apprentice Phillip Carlyle, singer Jenny Lind, Anne Wheeler, and a plethora of other performers that are odd to form.

It is uncertain if the film will touch on some of the components of Barnum and his circus or goal more to be about observing people's gaps, a family musical. In any event, it will be nice for tweens and up. Nearly all The Titan is spent seeing Rick experience changes and treatments, as though the "science" supporting his transformation is intriguing enough to stand for real narrative.

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