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Get a Free Trial. For example, connect with Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, then switch to an Ethernet connection at work, then switch to your Wi-Fi at home. Its rugged, IPrated enclosure protects the wireless access point from the wind, rain, and cold weather, while six integrated omnidirectional antennas operate with three spatial streams per radio 3x3 MIMO. Connect to the Network with Confidence Secure connectivity to corporate headquarters is essential if your remote employees are going to achieve maximum productivity. You can use this icon to control the client software. Small form factor, high performance, total security, tabletop appliances with optional built-in Wi-Fi capabilities ideal for SMB and branch office locations.

Connect to the Network with Confidence

watchguard ssl vpn client

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WatchGuard’s IPSec VPN Client, compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, is a premium service that gives both the organization and its remote employees a higher level of protection and a better VPN experience. WatchGuard IPSec Mobile VPN Client for Windows #WG $ WatchGuard Firebox T10 with 1-Year Standard Support #WGTUS $ WatchGuard Firebox T10 with 3-Year Basic Security Suite #WGTUS $ WatchGuard Firebox T15 with 3-yr Standard Support (WW) #WGTWW $ When the Mobile VPN with SSL client runs, the WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL icon appears in the system tray (Windows) or on the right side of the menu bar (Mac OS X). The type of magnifying glass icon that appears shows the VPN connection status.