Choosing the Best VPN for Thailand: A Look at the Law, the Risk & the Solution

A Very Real Risk to Your Privacy

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Dec 06, at 9: I still have my account from when I lived in the states and I can now receive phone calls through hangouts on my cell phone. A new leak of internal files from within the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has shed new light on its founder Julian Assange and Great on mobile too through their app. If you tether from the connection that i encrypted by the VPN, the tethered device will also be secure because it is using that connection. The PI report uncovered the use of fairly low-grade tech, so the nature of these surveillance methods means you can safely say that a VPN like this will keep your privacy safe.

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It automatically stops all traffic if Vypr becomes disconnected. And switching on the site blocker helps you avoid malicious sites. Easy to use, self-explanatory, and very secure.

VyprVPN can be used across all your devices, and simultaneously too. VyprVPN used to be a tad more expensive than other VPN providers because they maintain all their own software and hardware, but recently that changed and, because of such high user numbers, they have brought out two new irresistible pricing plans.

If you pay for a year up front you get it far cheaper and, if you break the price down annually, I'm sure you'll agree that it's peanuts for such great cyber security. You get a free 3-day trial on both the plans below, too.

If you don't like it, you don't have to keep it. Your card is not charged until the trial ends. You still get the extra security features too. To date, authorities have been unable to block Vypr in Thailand under any circumstance — it even gets past the great China firewall, if you decide to visit there.

Based in the UK, the Hidemyass network just keeps growing and growing. It's reliable and super easy for non-techies to use, but because of this lacks that cool kill switch and auto-malicious sites blocker that Vypr boasts. They keep username, timestamp, and IP for days and then delete it. There's also a server in Thailand and every other country in the region, so you can pretend to be in Thailand even when you aren't here.

Here's a screenshot of my desktop HMA dashboard:. To use Hidemyass, you simply load the software on your computer, or the app on your phone or tablet, select the country you want to hide in and press connect. Price wise, HMA is coming in a little more expensive than Vypr these days. The extra is for the infrastructure: That's a lot of ways to stay anonymous! A VPN is essential for avoiding hackers, and for browsing and downloading files anonymously.

If you often access your bank accounts online while abroad, it will also provide an additional layer of security against the bad guys.

A VPN lets you conceal your personal information and your location IP address online from snooping by your internet service provider.

This means they can't pass your information to local and foreign authorities. Last Updated on September 6, I am a bit of a tech novice and surprisingly found VYPR very easy to use. I installed it on my desktop first and explore the settings on one side they mastered I installed it on my Android phone. I feel much better about checking my online bank accounts now.

Sep 05, at Have tried all the UK servers and they get blocked. Aug 22, at 3: Some VPN providers are unable to bypass the blocks, or occasionally the media companies find a way to detect the VPN and block it — only for the VPN company to tweak their infrastructure and bypass it again.

One thing to consider is that nor all VPN companies own their own infrastructure. Many of them are using third-party infrastructure to run the service. So if one of the third parties they use is having a problem bypassing a service such as the BBC or Netflix, then they will be affected until the third parties able to solve the problem. They own all their own infrastructure. For example, they are one of the few VPN providers that has repeatedly been able to overcome the China firewall system.

I just tested BBC iPlayer no problem there either. I suggest you contact the provider and complain about this. It may be the case that the platform you are using has different levels of security. This may make a difference and solve the problem. I would contact them about this. Aug 22, at 4: I have followed all the instructions on the HMA website and even contacted the online support but to no avail.

Have you managed to use Netflix? Aug 22, at Clear cache and cookies from your browser. Open a private browser tab on Chrome it is called incognito 3. If on mobile tablet or smartphone disable location services 4.

Try using the Liberty Island servers, test both 1 and 2. If still no joy, click here to follow these steps to diagnose the issue. Select your operating system at the top of the page. Got VYPR up and running and loving it so far.

Aug 13, at 6: You can configure the places you trust by hovering over the? Thanks for this report. What can be used for safe email sending, as I use outlook. Is a software existing that protect my emails too but still using outlook? Aug 01, at 4: Otherwise it depends on what email server you use. The big ones like outlook. Keep in mind that encryption is only sender to server.

Google, et al will usually read your emails to expand your data graph and use the information to send you targeted advertising. If the recipient is not using an encrypted server then them downloading or reading your email will put it in the clear. Aug 02, at 9: Aug 22, at 5: Jul 20, at 1: Only once in the early days with a free one. Jul 20, at 3: Jul 12, at 3: You would still have to pay for the VPN service on the router, regardless.

Many VPN providers have a way for you to install the software on the router. You can do this with the VYPR router app. Jul 12, at 5: Using the router is convenient in terms of having an unlimited number of devices that can connect through it rather than the 2 or 5 or whatever number come with your VPN subscription. However, you will lose some flexibility when you need to appear as if you are someplace other than where you are.

But for day-to-day browsing, etc. The location spoofing can also help if you stream media content. Jul 12, at Jul 09, at 4: Jul 09, at 5: Jul 06, at 5: Signed up to Vypr and its up and running. Jun 16, at 4: Double click on the VYPR icon to load the program. Choose the server you want or just click connect to fastest server. Jun 16, at Best in the business…. Lots of options out there, I use them exclusively now. Works fine in Thailand, as I am a full-timer here.

Online 18 hours day, as I am a daytrader. Apr 26, at 3: Their parent company is on the Caribbean island of Nevis. They keep billing records on file, but claim not to log any traffic data. Apr 26, at 4: Want to thank you as well for all the good info you put out — really helpful. Feb 22, at 5: It has one in Japan and one in Singapore though. Feb 22, at 6: Just wanted to say thank-you for all the hard work you put into your blog.

I just signed up for the vpn, and I plan on moving to Thailand next year, so I very much value your insights. Dec 01, at Dec 01, at 5: Hi I am not at all techy but wondering if you could help. I was given a fire stick in the UK which could give me access to all UK channels. Oct 20, at If it is a second generation Firestick running version 2. Oct 21, at 3: My first time for a VPN and a bit hard to see the wood from the trees. Does anyone have good or bad feedback on Express VPN?

Aug 18, at It is decent Express VPN but a bit more expensive. You only get 3 simultaneous connections too, so bear that in mind if you have a partner.

I also tried PureVPN. From my experience the key things to look for are: When I was using PureVPN it would crash but still appear that it was working regardless of the kill switch settings. And, who owns the servers. With the major companies, Vypr, Pure, etc, the people you give your money to also own and manage the servers your data runs through. With the free VPN services they are a network of dedicated volunteers providing the servers out of the goodness of their own hearts.

Aug 19, at Can both VPNs be configured into routers, so that when the router is turned-on, a vpn is automatically created for all devices connected to the router? How is the default location determined in the vpns? Next, I have a yoka tv kb2 box running Kodi and other apps connected directly to an internet modem. Can it be auto-configured to automatically to connect to a correct country server, so that I get the content. Do have to manually use a PC to the select the server location?

Jul 09, at 3: You can extend protection to all the devices by configuring it on your home network. You can also set the server location too: Jul 09, at Jun 26, at 9: Jun 26, at 6: Jun 16, at 7: Jun 16, at 8: Jun 25, at If so, all recent operating systems.

It does work on Windows 7; I just checked. Jun 25, at 6: Jun 08, at Jun 04, at 2: Jun 05, at 4: I have used Express VPN what do you think of it. May 23, at 9: I like Express VPN but it is a bit more expensive.

It is not free, but they do have days money back guarantee. This would be a deal breaker for me. Do you have any experience accessing these services from Thailand over VPN? Apr 10, at I have sent you an email with a screenshot. Occasionally these issues arise due to changes with the third party companies, but they tend to solve them very quickly. Apr 10, at 3: Mar 13, at 7: Mar 17, at 5: Feb 17, at 5: If you were to pick one for use in Vietnam and Thailand, which would you select?

Jan 11, at 4: You can choose your trusted networks, like your home one. Jan 11, at 5: Jan 11, at 6: Will be traveling to Thailand next July and am looking to retire there. I am now eagerly devouring all your valuable information here. Do you have any experience with Silent Circle and how would you compare it with your VPN recommendations? Dec 17, at You can either buy their Blackphone with the software on it or run the software on your phone, as opposed to connecting to a VPN app as and when you need it.

Dec 17, at 4: After I log in, which is very quick, my speed drops from 19 to a speed between 2 and 4mbps. I access servers in the USA to access my cable channels. Sep 16, at 6: I pretty much always use the fastest server available for minimal drop-off, unless I need to appear in a specific location for research purposes.

VYPR has a really handy dashboard in that respect, which lets you choose the fastest server with one click. Great on mobile too through their app. Sep 16, at I too started using ExpressVPN recently.

I noticed a substantial drop in speed as well, but I suspect that many of the speed tests are not all that accurate as I sometimes get wildly different results from different tests at the same time. That said, I seem to get the best speeds by using servers in Singapore and Hong Kong for my regular surfing and only those in the US when I need to. Sep 17, at 5: An American in Thailand says: I thank you for passing this on.

Great and wonderful site! Sep 14, at 8: Sep 15, at Thanks for this great blog. Are you able to point me to any guidelines on how to do this in Thailand, including whether I will likely need to buy a new router to replace the True device?

Thanks in advance for your help. Aug 30, at 9: Hi Margo, you can do this by sharing the internet connection with your Apple TV. Most VPN providers have a solution for this. Aug 30, at 3: I would like to know how long 3BB keeps my browsing history.

But how much previous browsing can the spooks sift through, using 3BB. Do they keep it for 1 year? I hope with your contacts you can find this info out. Aug 24, at Over the last few months, the single gateway is being tested, particularly in Bangkok, which would explain many users experiencing strange connection behaviour such as certain websites taking ages to load and timing out, and in particular unreliable Facebook connectivity.

Aug 24, at 2: Aug 12, at 1: Aug 13, at 2: I signed up for a month with HMA and installed the software on my Mac desktop, then spent the better part of the morning trying to log on to one of their servers. I finally contacted the help desk and they told me my brand-new router from CAT was not compatible with a VPN and that I would have to purchase a new router. I would also like to mention that one of the reasons I selected HMA is because of the good-looking interface you showed.

Their dashboard really looks impressive. Well…on my Mac there is no such thing! Only a little window to turn on or off the VPN and select from a long list of countries. Aug 06, at This might actually have done you a favour long term. In terms of the dashboard, I use MAC too. Feel free to drop me an email with a screenshot of what you are seeing. Aug 07, at 1: Can you tell us the downside of using a VPN in Thailand other than the cost?

Is there much of a hit on the connection speed? Jul 29, at 8: Of course, when on mobile there are certain areas in Thailand where connectivity is poor, and having the VPN on exacerbates this. Jul 18, at Will this be available from 1st to 31st anytime I log onto the net, and even if I tether my connection to another mobile device? Jun 26, at 2: Yes, with a VPN, you boot it before you start browsing. Once connected, you are secure.

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