SOTI MobiControl - Release Notes

Enterprise Resource Gateway

Extract application package information necessary for various Windows Modern profile configurations using the Windows Companion utility available for download from the MobiControl Download page. If permissions are revoked at a later date, end-users will be prompted to restore the required permissions. How often the SOTI hub app will communicate with the content repository to refresh the contents. Improved the license information screen to show breakdown of license use by OS. Full support for VGA and other high resolution screen sizes 3rd party software may now add custom icons to the custom navigation bar Improved support for launching of 3rd party.

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Cisco's popular VPN Client for 32Bit Windows operating systems. VPN Client version: k9 Useful Cisco VPN related articles W. Revisions. v Build on December 12, ; v Build on November 28, ; Original release v Build on October 31,