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When will i receive my target e-gift card?
The crooks have found a way to rob you of your gift card balance. Are you sure you would like to proceed? On our way out, I looked at the receipt and wasn't finding the discount listed anywhere. Just a word of advice. This is a food product! I have not received a Target bill at all and have not used my card since December.

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This latest agent listened kindly, looked into my account, and reassured me that this third try would stick. She told me she'd put a rush on it and so the bank should receive it in hours exactly the same time frame I'd been given with the other two calls so I'm not sure how that is a rush job. She also told me that the notes reflected that I had requested the full account number be included in the letter but that they were unable to do that.

They could only include the last four numbers. I laughed out loud because when the first CSR told me the full account had to be included, I'd asked if we could just show the last four digits and she told me that wasn't how it was done.

The third CSR was by far the friendliest and most helpful but she didn't really provide new information and it remains to be seen if the problem why is this even a problem?! As a side note, my balance is still zero so I am hopeful that the first letter s with the full account info never existed and I can stop worrying about the account being compromised.

I'll keep watching for any activity on the card. They don't notify you until collection that auto-payments aren't going thru even though you updated account info on debit card.

They don't connect more too. They contact you until they've done damage to your credit rating Suck on Target Red Card!!!

You'll not get another dime of interest ever from me. I received a call saying my account was compromised but they would not give me any information. They asked for very personal Id such as Social Security card and driver's license front and back. Every time I faxed info they would add more than they wanted to see. The company must be very small as I kept getting the same arrogant people who were of no help.

My account was frozen for no reason and no way to straighten it out. I contacted Target Card Services and filed a merchant dispute.

I opened a new Target Card last Christmas to get the discount on a new purchase. I agreed that I made an error but Target still cashed the check.

This has been a nightmare. I have been going back and forth between my bank and Target Card Services since February of this year. My bank has submitted documentation to prove the money was sent to Target several times but Target still insists they did not receive the money and sends me another bill. Target insists the money was sent back to my bank but I never received a credit to my account. I will never use the Target Redcard again. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Horrible customer service policies. I caught the issue early enough so that I could still get them the funds before the due date and they weren't willing to do a courtesy one time waiver.

I use their card all of the time, my husband has one as well, they get more than enough with the interest fees etc. Please check your Target. They are overcharging the amount that you are given at the time of purchase. Their bill is set up to confuse you with numerous odd amounts for each item you purchase. I was charged for them and also was charged tax! When I called them, they said the cards were charged but the amount was adjusted - it was not. When I asked about the extra money I was charged they said it was extra tax.

They can't account for the money either and I argued four times with them. In November I made a purchase and again in December. Early January I received a call that my account was past due. I paid it in full while on the phone figuring I must have missed a paying a bill.

Just last week March I got a call that my account was 3 months past due. I have not received a Target bill at all and have not used my card since December.

Looking into it more, the past due is from a Dec 20th purchase - so when I told them to pay my balance in full over the phone, they left out a purchase I had made 3 weeks prior since it was not "due" yet. They did refund 2 of the late fees but claimed that is the most they can credit back. They also had the ridiculous suggestion that I call regularly the check on my balance. I cancelled my card and will only be using Target as a last resort from here on out.

I purchase an average of 1 item a month online from Target and have paid my credit and balance on time, in full every month. I was told it will take "1, 2 or 3 months" to hear back from them. Then I'll never spend another penny at Target. I've worked in the financial industry for years. It takes 1 minute to pull a credit bureau and see EVERY bill in my entire life has been paid in full on or before its due date. I use this card but I try and make payments in full at the end of the month. Each time I do, Target holds the payment for 15 days!

Each time I've had to call them to "release my funds early" so that I can use my credit line. Each time I've called or emailed them, its a very different reason why they do this and mind you, it's the only card I own that does this. They claim it's for fraud protection. In case people make a payment to the wrong account wtf?

They claim it's because if it's a young account, they don't have a history of payment established yet. This is the real shady answer - They say they do it for all for protection but they recommend not making a payment as large so that the payment is not delayed So don't make a large enough payment so you can accrue interest? All this is BS and it seems like it. Not to protect the consumer.

I've attached the latest email from them trying to explain this and basically reiterate that they released my funds again after yet another call. The payment was scheduled for February 6, , and my bank delivered it on time. On February 7, I noticed that the amount had not been debited from my checking account.

On February 8, I checked my bank account again, and when I did not see that the payment had been debited, I called Target REDcard services, and I spoke to a representative who told me that they had not received my payment. I was leaving town that day, and I had no time to stop by my bank, so I went ahead and made a payment on the automated system to avoid having to pay an extra fee. I contacted Target Card and I was told that the first payment would take 48 hours to processed, a second, third and fourth representative confirmed that the payment was processed on February 8, 48 hours after it was received.

However, Target REDcard is refusing to credit me back my money, or refund me for my insufficient funds fee from my bank.

On the first call the representative who was supposed to be in the refunds department hung up the phone, when I ask to speak to her supervisor. I spoke to three other people before the last representative on the first call hung up the phone on me. This company is a joke. They cannot process a payment timely. Their automated system does not provide accurate information. The representatives are extremely rude, and totally inefficient. When I requested a refund be sent to me electronically for the additional payment they refused.

Even though they have record of me calling on February 9 through the automated system, they have no record of me calling and talking to a live agent the day before. When they told me that they had to send me a refund via UPS, I asked them for a tracking number, and I was told by Courtney at ext. When I asked her to e-mail me the UPS link she stated that she could not send me an e-mail - Yes, as unreal as it sounds in Target REDcard Mastercard representatives cannot e-mail you a simple UPS link or credit the same account electronically that they debited one day earlier.

Unfortunately, I have to give them one star because this system does not allow me to give them ZERO stars, which is what they deserve. I have spent the last 2 years, 2 times a month calling and talking with Target credit card services because they have completely destroyed my credit and have charged me beyond imaginable from mistakes they have made.

I will never shop at another Target again and I surely hope they go out of business just because of how completely stupid everyone working card services is. I did not receive the Red Card in the mail, so received a cryptic email telling me to activate my card and to call a specific number if I had not yet received it.

When I called that number, the automated voice on the line repeated the request to "enter my card number" 28 times. The only reason I waited 28 times to hear that message was that there was literally zero customer service number on the web that did not request me to enter my card number so I could ask what was going on.

The person on the line, once I got through, did not speak good English and after my explaining about my card not arriving, hung up on me without getting the information to get a new card.

Then, after a 2nd time, the customer service person said I should expect the card in days. I didn't receive it again. I called the line again, they said they were not able to close my account, and are sending the card a 3rd time. I have charged nothing on the card, have no card and can't apparently cancel the card.

I paid my card in full online each month. One month they processed it a day late and charged me a fee. I was never sent a notice of the late fee.

They kept adding late fees each month until they finally sent one to me on the mail! This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I have ordered pet food and other supplies from Target several times.

The last two times, almost every 3 oz can of cat food was wrapped in an individual plastic bag. Since I ordered 92 cans of cat food, I had to unwrap 92 cans! Each can also has sticker on the top. Two of the varieties had wrong quantities -- 1 too many of one, and 1 too few of the other. The boxes all shipped and arrived the same day. Two of the boxes held 1 can each; 1 box has 6 cans and the other box 4 cans. The fifth box held the rest of the cat food. I won't be ordering cat food from Target again.

It takes much too long to even check the order in, and I don't want to contribute to more wasted packaging. I recently ordered the profusion cosmetics contour makeup case along with some other makeup and I was very excited to receive my order. When my order arrived, the blush was placed in a separate fragile bag so it wouldn't be ruined. When I opened the box with all the other stuff, my contour wasn't in a fragile bag and the makeup went all over the place when I opened the container.

The mascara I ordered was nowhere to be found and arrived days later even though I marked that I wanted everything in one shipment. I called customer service and they said they couldn't ship me a new contour case but they could send me an online gift card to place a new order. I have no idea why they couldn't have just sent a new contour case with no additional charge.

I was very unhappy with this experience and do not recommend ordering things online. Online items received in poor condition. I cannot give; might have broken pieces. Looks like I bought from discount bin. Seems like sending banged up toys that will not sell at store. I bought 4 boxes of K-cups 18 count.

I received 3 proper boxes, and 18 loose K-cups dumped into the shipping carton. This is a food product! Does the shipping carton have residual pesticide, bug poisoning, etc.! What if I had intended as inclusion in gift basket? Where is the original mfg box?! I ordered two car seats online through Target. An infant car seat and a booster that needed to be replaced because I was in an accident. I received the booster about a week later but it was missing the cupholders.

The following day I was supposed to receive the infant car seat and instead I receive a huge bookshelf that I didn't order. I message them and send them pictures online and no one ever replied so I called their number and spoke to a person with a strong accent who told me I'd get my infant car seat the next day even though tracking said my car seat had already been delivered- although I did receive something from target it was not my car seat which I had ordered.

So I waited the next day and no car seat. I called and again spoke with someone who I had a hard time understanding again and wasn't very helpful. Their supervisor was busy and the CSR kept giving me the runaround until I told her the UPC of the item I received on the day that their website said my car seat was delivered.

I told her I was done with this and would be returning the wrong item I received and the booster with missing parts to a local store and asking for my refund. Everything so far has been a hassle and waste of time with this purchase. Someone out there received my car seat and I got their shelf. Not sure what happened with the missing parts on booster but so disappointed that both items on the order were completely messed up. Should've ordered through Amazon, would've gotten both items in half the time and without an issue.

I ordered a king size duvet cover. I received a full size. I called to see if they could ship out the size I ordered king and I would return the full size to my local store. They advised that I would not get the sale price that my original order was billed at. I asked why and they stated because that promotion was no longer active.

Is this what you call customer service? Target makes the error, and I get stuck with paying more! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I order one thing online and it was going to my daughter, I put my address down by mistake, I realize about one hour later and went to the site and there was no way to change the address, so I called and that is also a bad experience as you talk to people, speak bad English or hang up, never again, stick with Macy's, JC Penney, or Amazon.

I am extremely surprised of Target's lack of ability to support their customers. After two calls, 30 minutes, and two disconnections, I asked the third representative if they could call me back if we were disconnected.

I was told no, and asked to speak to supervisor. After 30 minutes the supervisor answered all my questions. Surprisingly, I spoke to Mary twice. Are we just making up names? How do I get such good service from my credit card company and car insurance company and Target Is like a fly by night store? If the order is truly canceled mark that on my order summary instead of having it say shipping soon. The only reason I have stars is because I got the answers to my questions.

I purchased these cute slides in a trendy blush color that seemed to match my summer handbag perfectly. Last month, I put them on to walk outside and right back in. I fell and broke two bones in my lower leg. After a special surgeon tending to my leg and I was back at home, I researched the reviews on the company's website for this particular shoe. Several reviewers, even in the three and four star categories, complained of poor materials and even slipping and tripping.

While I'm not sure if any other complaints have been made directly to Target Corporate, I do know I received a letter from their insurer stating the manufacturer is responsible for the lack of traction in the shoes.

I have asked the shoes be recalled through the retailer and manufacturer and my concerns were 'noted. Placed a store pick up order for a lampshade. Checked on it as I never received a pick up notification and was given generic responses via chat and told to wait to be notified. The next day I get a cancelation email because the item was delivered to the store in time. This is their fault.

It is their responsibility to get the item to the store on time and should not just cancel it. I had still wanted the item. Customer service was a joke to deal with when I chatted in again the next day to find out why the order was canceled. I am done with Target. My last few orders all had issues. I even drove to a store far away for an item that was said to be in stock only to have it not be at the store and then canceled when I placed a pick up order at another store while the website says the item is in stock at all these stores.

The quality of the products has gone down while prices go up. The designs are tired and West Elm rip offs for not much less money. Customer Service was useless. I ordered the two day delivery option and discovered I would not get the item in time. I tried to cancel within the hour. Was told it would be canceled which it wasn't.

I waited for it to be canceled online so I could pick it up at a store and then called when it wasn't canceled to have them tell me it was too late to cancel.

What a joke, I could have drove 6 times and back to the store 20 miles away in the time it took me to deal with these idiots. I ordered 2 sets of women's Hanes underwear, as Walmart was sold-out, and others like Meijer didn't carry them, or were also sold-out. Waited 10 business days, expecting to see an email update on my prepaid order, but I was about to call Target about it, when lo and behold an email finally appears, stating they had been "holding onto my order for a week, but I didn't pick it up, they had to cancelled it" B.

I called my local store about it, and the poor Service lady tried to figure what'd happened. Was apologetic and all, but could only tell me my items had been returned to the warehouse. Target online can kiss my foot. Notify your recipient of their gift card with a personalized eCard.

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