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What happened?

Netflix Canada July 2018 Movie & TV Shows Announced

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Pachter argues that the planned shift to streaming was ill-timed because there's still plenty of money left in DVDs. Consumers weren't looking for Reed to get out of the DVD business. They were just looking for more streaming content. If Hastings didn't understand what customers wanted, they were all too willing to teach him on July 12, when the price hike was announced in what many thought was a poorly worded post on Netflix's company blog.

With this change, we will no longer offer a plan that includes both unlimited streaming and DVDs by mail. Critics immediately seized on the 60 percent price hike for customers who wanted access to both DVDs and streaming. Subscribers lashed out at Hastings on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments area of the company's own blog.

The CEO got a new nickname: Netflix's PR team tried to respond. They said the increase was equivalent to a couple of Starbucks lattes. They pointed to all the on-demand movies and TV shows available anytime on the service. But Netflix was spitting into the wind. Two weeks later, when the company reported second-quarter earnings, Hastings said in a letter to investors that the company was sorry for upsetting subscribers, but he predicted that most wouldn't cancel.

Communicating with subscribers was never one of Hastings' strengths, says Mike Kaltschnee, founder of Hackingnetflix. He says Netflix has a long record of changing the service or the site and not properly explaining those changes to users. Sometimes they just don't stop to listen to their customers when their customers are telling them they aren't happy.

It's a bewildering, still-unanswered question: How could a company that had built such customer loyalty be, at the same time, so tin-eared to what those customers wanted and so slow to respond when they made their wishes clear? Compounding matters, the selection in Netflix's streaming library was getting skimpier. Customers complained that Netflix was asking them to pay more for less. Behind the scenes, Hollywood film studios, which had never been keen on Netflix, began raising the fees to license movies for Internet streaming, or Netflix was prevented from acquiring certain titles because the Internet rights were already locked up by other outlets.

And then Netflix lost its contract with Starz. In , Starz leased the movies to Netflix for three years. On September 1, , Starz announced that it would not renew the agreement and that the movies would disappear from Netflix's streaming library in February According to former Netflix employees, the company's managers thought they had a gentleman's agreement with Starz to make a joint announcement about the end of the deal.

Netflix said Starz was asking too much money to renew and started doing damage control. The company's public relations execs said the Starz films represented only 2 percent of viewing time. But that's not what the company had said earlier. In January , Netflix leaders called the Starz agreement "one of our most important deals.

For Starz, the announcement was brilliant timing. Ordinarily, Netflix customers would have slammed Starz for being a money-grubbing old-media company. Instead, the announcement came just about the time the Netflix price increase began kicking in for some of the company's subscribers, and Netflix took the heat.

On Wall Street, the failure to sign Starz sounded warning bells. Some wondered whether Netflix could afford the rising costs of streaming video. Hastings wasn't around to witness much of the fallout from this latest setback. He and some of his managers embarked on a two-week trip to Latin America to help open more than 40 new markets, including Mexico , Brazil and Chile.

When the CEO returned in mid-September, his company was in crisis. On September 15, Netflix issued a startling announcement. Managers said they expected 1 million fewer U. Wall Street began to panic. Hasting's next move made matters worse. Friedland and others that day tried to talk Hastings out of announcing a major change at the company this way, according to sources. He growled that he didn't want a slick-looking video, a Netflix backdrop or studio. He wanted it videotaped in the courtyard of the company's Los Gatos headquarters, no rehearsal and very casual.

Initially, Netflix planned for Hastings to announce Qwikster in a few media outlets with select reporters. Friedland killed that idea, telling colleagues that Hastings was too emotional. The news was also starting to leak and reporters were calling about rumors regarding a new spinoff.

Hastings told his staff that if Netflix didn't hurry and announce, someone else would do it for them. The video was posted to YouTube that night. Critics said it was confusing and both Hastings and Rendich looked uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the hubbub over the video overshadowed a contrite blog post from Hastings. It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming, and the price changes In hindsight, I slid into arrogance based upon past success.

We have done very well for a long time by steadily improving our service, without doing much CEO communication. But now I see that given the huge changes we have been recently making, I should have personally given a full justification to our members of why we are separating DVD and streaming, and charging for both. It wouldn't have changed the price increase, but it would have been the right thing to do. Hastings' brutal self-assessment was largely lost upon customers who realized that Netflix would require them to create a new account and video queue, as well as receive an additional bill.

Netflix was popular in large part because it was easy to use. Hastings was messing with his company's promise of simplicity.

Qwikster lasted all of three weeks before Hastings killed the plan on October There was no mistaking it now: Netflix was behaving erratically. The Netflix bashing had gone mainstream a week earlier when Saturday Night Live lampooned the company's YouTube video in a searing skit that mocked everything from the name of the spinoff to Hastings' goatee.

On October 24, Netflix reported earnings and revealed that it had lost , subscribers in the quarter ending September Prior to that, the number of Netflix subscribers had grown by at least 1 million in each of the previous seven quarters. The next day, the bottom fell out of Netflix's stock as it lost more than a third of its value. In the three months since the price hike, Netflix had lost three-quarters of its value. Behind the scenes, Netflix managers were worrying about what to do with the more than Qwikster employees they had started hiring from inside and outside Netflix.

A small number stayed on at Netflix, but most were out of luck. For most of the former Netflix employees who moved to Qwikster, their old jobs had been filled. They no longer had a place at the company.

A year Netflix veteran, he had worked his way up through the management ranks by distinguishing himself time and again, say the sources. Under his supervision, the customer service unit and the distribution centers were huge successes. Rendich was on track to finally get his reward with the top job at Qwikster, a company that would have come with 10 million subscribers and a large revenue stream. Instead, he quietly resigned from Netflix in February.

Some of his former colleagues are still angry about what happened to him. They say that he rarely got the credit from management he deserved and that when Hastings botched the Qwikster launch, Rendich "got tossed under the bus. The success was built on customer service and getting those DVDs turned around quickly and that was Andy. His departure bothers me more than the others.

In January, Netflix said goodbye to Kilgore , the company's chief marketing officer since A former Amazon executive, Kilgore resigned and took a non-executive position on Netflix's board. This was a graceful shift but it was not without some discomfort. The architect for Qwikster had mostly been Hastings, but Kilgore helped.

Hastings publicly acknowledged that he screwed up, but plenty of people inside Netflix believed that Kilgore shared some of the blame. Kilgore did not respond to interview requests. Hastings had considered limiting Kilgore's role at the company long before Qwikster, say insiders.

It was Kilgore, the chief marketing executive -- not the chief financial officer -- who oversaw the annual and quarterly subscriber forecasts. Kilgore controlled public relations. Kilgore had let it be known that if her duties were ever reduced, she would leave. Hastings relented until after Qwikster, when he made it clear he would finally restructure marketing.

Good to her word, Kilgore stepped down as CMO. Some of them were instrumental in helping take the company public in They helped lay waste to traditional movie renting, and created one of the most recognizable and respected brands on the Internet. The turnaround that Hastings appeared to be orchestrating in the fourth quarter of didn't last long.

Netflix also predicted light subscriber growth. Hastings asked for calm and said the business was performing well. Wall Street didn't buy it. Nonetheless, the prospects for today's Netflix are brighter than the tale of last year's disaster might lead one to expect. Netflix managers still have their distribution platform, which includes more than devices that are compatible with the company's streaming service.

The company continues to invest in original and exclusive content, such as the upcoming series "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development. And the Netflix Streaming story is still early days. The challenges, however, are many. There's more competition domestically and abroad. The costs of expanding to new markets looks high, and there are doubts that the company can afford to pay for expansion while it's trying to keep up with the spiking costs of licensing fees.

Finally, it's still unknown whether the new version of Netflix's management team can execute as effectively as the old one.

Netflix is in a knife fight again, and now it has to work harder than ever to keep customers on its side. People aren't in love anymore. This story incorrectly stated one of the duties of Leslie Kilgore. Financial planning and analysis was overseen by Netflix's chief financial officer.

Kilgore was responsible for quarterly and yearly subscriber forecasts. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Sheard says he'll be ready to make the move when Canada offers live streaming services currently only available in the U.

As more Canadians sign up for streaming services, they'll require faster, more expensive internet connections. Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N. She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto.

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Watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. Within two years, streaming services like Netflix will be more popular in Canada than cable TV, a new report suggests. By the end of , million Canadian households will be signed up with. Netflix, Inc. is an American over-the-top media services provider, headquartered in Los Gatos, dancedb.tkd in by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, the company's primary business is its subscription-based streaming service, which offers online streaming of a library of films and television programs including .