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Its slow again here in Spotsylvania VA! So, all I want to do is source the problem and try to fix it. I hope this information helps someone since I spent quite a while digging through Google to see if anyone else was having the exact same issue as me with no luck. Verizon speed can help you backup large quantities of data quickly. I have the actiontec miwr, maybe you guys are having trouble with the same one. If you're getting problems on both I have to ask are you in the new york tri-state area?

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After an hour on the call with support the tier 1 guy went to go ask his network tech guy for some help. But then I ran speed test from various sites and I'm still getting horrible speeds. When I told the tech about speed results from other sites he said they can't go by those results because they don't control the those servers. He also knew exactly what my speeds were before I told him when I ran the test from their sites. Now, the only computer in my house is getting the proper speed but all of my wireless devices are really slow.

Verizon techs said they wouldn't do anything else because my speeds are correct from the results from the one computer and their own speed test site. It's my understanding that this "Speed Optimizer" resets TCP stacks but it makes no sense that everything is fine after midnight and during the day before 5pm. Aaaanndddd to put a cherry on top from verizon speed test site: Lol Verizon's speed test site is just ookla.

You can keep doing it at speedtest. Virtually every speed test site when you google speedtest is powered by ookla. Which is fine, it's accurate. Be wary of sites like http: You'll get slower esults and be like AHA I knew they were rigging it. A site like testmy. This is a horrible way to test your speed as it doesn't account for their server load and bandwidth problems, like they always have. Ookla tests are done on dedicated servers just for testing speed. In any case I'd have to agree with them.

If you're getting the proper speeds on the wired line it's not a problem with the service it's a problem with the gateway.

If you're getting problems on both I have to ask are you in the new york tri-state area? For months lower speeds at night have been a common problem in that area. I don't know if you did but call them when the speeds are slow. The few times my speeds have dropped their site, as well as other ookla sites have reflected it so they're not rigged.

It's just one of those things like when you go to the mechanic because your car was making a noise and it stops as soon as you bring it there. Trust me, if you call when the speeds are low and they can confirm it they will help you.

I'm in northern VA. After installing their "Speed Optimizer" on my desktop that's connected via ethernet my speeds are normal But then the next morning ALL of my devices, either wireless or ethernet, work fine until 5: I even mentioned that their site is powered by ookla but the tech said "we have dedicated servers just for verizon fios speed testing so we can't compare other speed test sites because they use different servers" I'm sure they do.

They tell ookla what server to send the test to and they probably want it to be a server that the whole world has easy access to potentially diminishing results. Just as you can pick whatever server you want when you go on to ookla. Like I said, try getting them on the phone when it's slow. I'm experiencing something similar. Speed after disabling firewall setting. So basically if you are using Fios edit: If you find anything, try disabling those settings and running some tests by uploading large-ish videos and monitoring your network traffic using either Resource Monitor or your network monitor of choice to see if it made a difference.

I hope this information helps someone since I spent quite a while digging through Google to see if anyone else was having the exact same issue as me with no luck.

It eventually just popped into my head while driving to the store that I had previously mucked with the traffic coming from the same IPs I was trying to send data to. If so, disable them and try again! Resumable and scheduled uploading can make a big difference in speed. It's supposed to be about Mbps up, and I usually only get around 1. Not completely awful, but I wonder if there's ways to bump it up a bit. No way that can be right or "just what it is" when it comes to uploading.

Can you upload a test video and tell me what hostname you are uploading to? It will be listed under network activity as the highest consumer when uploading a video. It will probably start out as an IP but should resolve into a hostname in about seconds. Ive been having terrible uploads and were paying for 75 up and 75 down on verizon. Granted I use a different router model than you so I dont know where anything is. I have not been able to upload anything in awhile without having to sacrifice sleep.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. I still think the backup is more local to your neighborhood node. They might be more responsive than calling Verizon. VZ speed tests are on a portion of the vz network that has been saturated. Better would be a true upload off the network and to watch the traffic to all the points along the way to find the choke.

I just want to see it as I'm having trouble with stuff routed through VA where it goes slow but latency is fine as is packet loss. I feel your pain. I live in SoCal and my fios is getting to the point its almost unusable at times. And its not local node problems or my router or anything its all the crappy peer links. Last night I was trying to pull some files from my work server and getting a nice fast speed of I finally put up the money and bought a vyprvpn account routing over the vpn same server same router I was able to pull 10mbit.

It turns out to be a server issue here in Virginia. I have put in a request to get this fixed and they said it could take 24 to 48 hours to get fixed. I live in Fredericksburg, VA and seeing the same degradation as you guys. When they do fix the "server" issue please send an update so we can correlate our issues. Next Windows 10 update triggers outrage by continuing to promote Edg [ Microsoft ] by andyross Substantial price increase coming?

New iPhone Costs [ Apple ] by planet Can XP still be activated? BosstonesOwn Member Aug 9: There are definitely a lot of those OP stated that he or she sees the slow down using Verizon's speed test as well though. Which is pretty much what I get any time of the day.

Sounds like your local node might be overloaded. Those things do happen. I would love to see a screenshot of a verizon speed test from a wired computer.

Race ahead on Fios speeds.

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Verizon FIOS Slow Download Speeds ekeenan81 Nov 17, , PM I have a Verizon FIOS tech coming out on Friday 11/18 but was hoping in the meantime some people couple provide some help. I'm in the Long Beach area and I'm experiencing slow internet speeds also. I've noticed a dramatic slow down over the last week. I ran the dancedb.tk site and I'm only getting like mbps download from the LA servers. Hey BiggRed, I'm getting mixed results. dancedb.tk shows my speed is back somewhat but I still have slow downloads and streaming videos continue to buffer and not play smoothly like they used to.