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LastPass Premium , RoboForm, and Keeper handle this problem by letting you manually ask to save all data fields. My Dashlane contact did say, "We're actively evaluating the usage and feedback and could potentially deploy a country selection option in the future. Instead I was sent pre-written auto-responses that simply touted Dashlane's features and did not at all address my concern. Dashlane handles payment information separately, and beautifully. Some passwords you can't avoid typing yourself, like the Microsoft ID that you use to log in to modern Windows versions.

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Can I install dashlane on Edge?

The question remains, does Edge support extensions yet? I have the same question Not until Mid Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? Bruce and ColleenHawes Replied on December 22, I'll stick with Firefox JimFricke Replied on April 8, We're well past "Mid ". What is the status of Dashlane compatibility? Dashlane Replied on April 10, In reply to JimFricke's post on April 8, Hi Jim, I'm Xavier from Dashlane.

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Start a free trial. Instead I was sent pre-written auto-responses that simply touted Dashlane's features and did not at all address my concern. When I finally got the issue elevated I was pretty much so told politely no to any price matching. In summary, I would highly suggest you try LastPass or another well rated password manager before spending more than you need to on Dashlane.

Reply to this review Read reply 1. I foolishly used LastPass for years not realizing how much it was responsible for bogging down my computer. I didn't realize either that LastPass was responsible for it taking over 30 seconds everytime I would log into Ebay.

I'm not thrilled with Dashlane either, but it's a miracle compared to LastPass. I'm currently in the process of searching for another password manager. The product allows you to manage your passwords on many devices.

It makes sure that you deal with security on all your sites. It is super easy to use and runs great on Windows and Mac platforms. Fills in forms and keeps your CC safe, you don't have to let the seller keep your card. The sharing function in a family is getting better. The setup is really easy you just have to pay attention as you set it up.

Some sites have weirdness that form fill in function has trouble with, however, it is rare and all tools have trouble. Great tool, I highly recommend the premium version for syncing etc.. This tool saves you time and makes sure that you are safe. The security score makes you think about it. The first tool I can say works, no one knows my credentials including me. Really easy to use. Love the automatic password changer feature, just wish it was available on more sites.

Easy to share passwords securely with my family. Even my 10 year old loves Dashlane! When you setup Dashlane the first time on a non-mobile device it automatically imports all of the passwords stored in your browsers. Awesome feature to get started fast but I didn't realize how old some of those accounts were in my browser, so it took some time to clean them up in Dashlane. Syncing has been an issue for a long time, I opened a ticket about it and they are aware of it and have yet to fix it.

Overall, Dashlane just can't keep up with website changes, two-factor authentication, etc. Initially, I loved the app. But recently despite Dashlane pushing out updates, I have grown frustrated with the compatibility issues with Safari mobile and Mac desktop browser. I will be looking for a different password manager program now. Hello Jerome, Thank for this your feedback. We are very sorry you have been experiencing these issues on our iOS mobile and Mac desktop versions.

I am Thibault, from Dashlane's User Support team. Since you have contacted us in the past, I have sent you an email through our support platform regarding the synchronization problem on Mac, and would like to see if you could send me more details regarding the compatibility issues with Safari on the mobile app.

Could you please send me a reply to the message I have sent you so I can help you out with this issue? Please do not hesitate to visit our Help Center if you wish to obtain more information about Dashlane: Kind regards, The Dashlane User Support team.

It doesn't work as often as it does. What a pain in the backside it has turned out to be. I've been a premium Dashlane user for a year or more and have finally gotten fed up with it not being a reliable app.

The thing about DL is that it has to be ON to work. For IOS devices, that means you have to manually start it every time you do a cold start on your device like after restarting after your battery dies.

And even when it's "ON", it often will not login to the site you want to use. For W10 devices, the turn on is easy via the start menu, but even then DL will work sometimes, sometimes not.

Ditto for autofill on forms. In short, you cannot depend on DL to do what a password manager should do. Changing now is going to be painful, but necessary for me. Thank you very much for your feedback, we are very sorry for this bad experience with Dashlane. We would like to help you resolve the issues you are having on iOS and Windows Could you please send us a support request so our experts can help you out?

In order to contact us directly, please follow this link: The Pros are that you can store all of your passwords and you know they will all be safe and secure if you remember to log out every time you use it.

Also you can store alot more than just passwords like: Basically the only thing that I found bad was that you had to have the premium version to set up a back up!!

Strong feature set and it works with most websites. Being able to share passwords via the Sharing feature is nice. Under Windows 7 and Windows 10, you might experience significant performance problems with your browser while Dashlane is enabled.

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Dashlane will do all the legwork for you! Simply click in a field and choose what information you want to use to fill out the form. Click on one of these choices from the drop-down menu then Dashlane will automatically fill in the form for you. What is Password Changer and how does it work? How it works. Password Changer can automatically change the passwords for many of your websites by directly logging in to a list of compatible websites, generating strong, unique passwords for you, then changing the passwords for those sites on your behalf. Jun 06,  · Concerns About Dashlane, and Answers June 6, pm June 6, pm In my column in Thursday’s paper, I reviewed Dashlane, a very cool, free program that automatically enters your names, passwords, credit card information and other details on Web sites.