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Kaspersky Free Antivirus 2018 Review – Best Full-Featured Protection for Windows 10.
I never click on questionable items but those virus and malware things really are terrible. Here, you can either Restore or Delete the quarantined files. It takes a substantial investment of time and effort to prepare a set of malware samples for my detailed analysis, so I don't change that collection often. I wanted to put something on there to protect it, so I installed a free antivirus that I found on a well-known site. After a Cyber Break-In: Albert Mendez April 12, I have used Kaspersky for a year or so and was so happy I could easily add my new phone when I got the Galaxy 4.

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We have reviewed the best Free Antivirus Software programs of Save up to 50% Off · 's Best Antivirus. May 08,  · Kaspersky Free Antivirus is a simple, straightforward and entirely free malware eliminator from Russian security giant Kaspersky Lab. As usual with free products, the feature list covers only the core essentials: antivirus, web filtering to ensure you're not able to access dangerous links, and very little else.4/5. Kaspersky Free for Windows PC. The Review includes an Overview, Protection Ratings, Features Outline, System Impact & Resource Usage Test Results, User Interface & Ease of Use, Nag, Total Score, and a list of other Best Free Antivirus products for .