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Think of all the TV antennas on the market: There should simply be a real signal booster to purchase, rated honestly, like 10 watts mw is hardly enough. Navigate to the " setup " tab and enter settings as specified in this screenshot. Which brings me to: I am talking of perhaps 50 feet maximum for the signal to travel.

Why Do I Need a VPN Router?

Use a VPN Router to Protect All Your Devices

All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. However, your problem may be less about which model you own and more about factors such as where you put it.

WiFi hassles may only become more noticeable and annoying as more people stream video to multiple TVs, and add web-connected devices such as thermostats and security cameras. According to the Gartner technology consulting firm, nearly 20 billion internet-connected devices will be online globally by —nearly 2. The distance between your router and your devices directly affects your signal strength. So placing your router in the center of your house will maximize its effectiveness.

If the data connection running into your home is in some corner bedroom, you may need to run ethernet cable from that spot to a more central location. The systems use multiple units to talk to each other and expand your network coverage area. But location matters with these multi-unit systems, too.

You need a good connection between the main and satellite units. Positioning and angling the antennas can really make a difference. Think of the old-school, rabbit-ear TV antenna technique. You can use an app, such as the free Dr.

Of course, enlisting an assistant will save you the trouble of running back-and-forth fiddling with your antennas and checking the signal speed elsewhere in the house. To redirect them, rotate the router. This may seem too easy to make a difference, but it really can.

Though the WiFi signals that power our devices may be invisible, most impediments to those signals are in plain view. Floors, walls, and doors—anything standing between your router and your device—can slow the signal down. The effect is cumulative: I would recommend http: This will only show you wifi usage, and not phones, bluetooth, microwave ovens, but Metageek also makes some USB dongles I've found at reasonable prices at eBay if you want to take the investigation to the next level.

Remember that wifi works a bit like old hubbed ethernet. All devices are competing for a common media the air channel in this case and only one device can send OR receive at any given moment over that media. Also if you have many G devices, and one B device, the B is going to spoil the party and everything will operate at B. Use only channels 1, 6, or Using other channels will interfere with those three channels Thanks WiFi Specification! This is all well and good, but really doesn't upgrade your router.

You can upgrade almost any router by putting in different firmware. For whatever reason, the manufactures don't put much time into their firmware and are only adding some hardware with minimal support. So, some people have taken matters into their own hands and essentially done their job for them.

Here a link that should get your started. It is something anyone familiar with routers should already know. The information in this article appears to be 20 years old. I have a laptop and gave up trying to use it wireless.

The speed goes down and then up so pages load and then they stop. It is so frustrating. Hi I paid 90 bucks for high gain linksys antennas. They didn't do a thing.

I gave them away to someone who ran a linksys in an auditorium big open space, very little metal and no objects in the way. He also noted zero difference or a difference so minimal that it made no effective difference. I use an N router which give me the same speed as the DSL line. I also use software to boost the speed of the pc. There are software solutions if all else fails - DD-WRT will allow you to boost the signal amp beyond manufacturer specifications and give you much finer control over ACK timing and other variables that will affect speed and signal propagation.

Use an Ethernet cable and not wifi. I mention this first , because I've seen several people complaining about stability issues and lag using wifi , and found that they were trying to connect to a router in the SAME room. This should probably be step 1 of Leon guide - "Don't use Wifi if you don't gain anything from it" So simple , but many people overlook the simple things. Use short preamble if your router and adapter allows you to set it. It should be default but isn't always. Tweak your Windows settings with TCP optimizer.

Tweak them further for gaming by disable naggling - See: Also note that while it improves ping , it can hurt your bandwidth - Choose between higher speed or lower ping, you can't have both. CfosSpeed is such a program, but it's not free. It also manages that bandwidth better , so lots of downloading in the background doesn't ruin your Vo-IP call , webbrowsing or gaming.

Try a better connection from another ISP. You might try using Speedtest. You can make your wifi-g network connect with greater speeds up to Mbps if you use the "turbo" mode that some gear come with , but as I wrote earlier , only if all your equipment supports it and it could make your signal unstable.

You can also get more throughput with the same connection if you tweak your Windows settings and your wifi-settings. It greatly reduces the overhead of your connection and long is only more stable in the most extreme cases. Your throughput will be better with short preamble and your ping will be lower. Increasing the power output of your router works.. It will make your wifi-adapter receive a stronger signal , but it will not make your router get a stronger signal from your adapter unless you can find a way to boost that too.

Better antennas , waveguides or reflectors however help to both transmit and receive a stronger signal. So does placing your antenna in a good spot. Also if you increase your transmit power you also cause more noise to the surrounding wifi networks your neighbors are using. Therefore only increase your transmit power if other methods if improving the signal is not enough. I've done some research on tomato and it does seem pretty legit. DD-WRT also seems to be an alternative, so give those a shot if you would like.

I reiterate my previous point: Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't seem to see the word utilization anywhere in the sentence I wrote. Repeating what others said times really brings new light to a situation.

If you do then Windows will routinely drop your network for short periods of time to search for a better connection. It usually reconnects fast and you probably won't notice it while browsing or reading email , but it can be devastating to a Vo-IP call or online gaming. It will not improve security , nor will it give your router less to do or speed anything up. What it will do however is make your router not understand wifi-b or wifi-g packets , so they instead are seen as noise , which will make your network less stable.

It can be okay though to set a dualband wifi-n router to N only because wifi-b and g doesn't transmit on the same frequencies. This doesn't make your wifi-connection more stable , but it does make your internet connection recover faster from problems when it is unstable and also helps you get a lower ping and utilize slightly more of your available bandwidth. Get it from Speedguide. This tells Windows not to cache failed DNS requests.

If your connection was unstable when requesting a DNS and did not get a reply , Windows would normally remember that and it future attempts to connect to that site would fail until you rebooted. Not caching failed attempts prevents that. Or you can just install the free program DD-WRT o n the router and increase the power that is directed at the antenna to increase range I have a 4mbit connection to the Internet so I have set my use a wifi speed of 5.

This improves the stability of my signal and doesn't slow down my Internet any. This is because slower connections speeds use other usually more stable methods to modulate the signal.

See this for an overview: Sorry to busrt your bubble, but those parabolic tin foil covered contraptions really do work. If you build them correctly, you will turn your omnidirectional antenna into a directional antenna and get better reception in one general direction while losing strength in all others.

It's great if you put it in one corner of the house, not so good in the middle. Silly know-, i mean guess-it-alls. Aluminium foil amplifies neither reception or transmission.

It can however be used to focus the signal. Aluminium foil is metal and all metal reflect electromagnetic waves. A piece of metal used to reflect and focus the signal is called a reflector. Most reflector are parabolic in shape..

If your router and version number match below, download the firmware files for your router, and proceed to Step 2. Please take note of our warnings. All devices connected to the second router are routed through VPN, but you still have the option of connecting to the first router for non-VPN internet access. Below you will find some common solutions for routers loaded with dd-wrt trying to establish a VPN connection.

Please Note before you attempt to contact our support team regarding your VPN router issue, we advise you to establish the connection on your computer first by following the setup pages located here. The reason is, anyone from our support team can resolve basic problems with VPN connections from your computer. Once you have a working connection from your computer, you can then transfer it to your VPN router. The first question we will ask you if not stated in your support ticket, is if your VPN connection works properly on your computer.

Common problems with VPN accounts include, Speed and Stability issues and can be easily resolved by checking this page suggestions. You can determine your DD-WRT version by checking the top right of your router web interface for a date. If it is dated earlier, then the firmware is older then what we recommend. Preloaded routers from Buffalo always come with an older-then-recommended firmware build then the one we recommend.

You can find the proper upgrade firmwares for your router from the upgrade tab here. This is a common source of problems for many customers.

Navigate to the " setup " tab and enter settings as specified in this screenshot. OpenVPN installation requires a large amount of free "nvram" in order to complete installation. This is not normally a problem on most moden routers but may pose issues for older Linksys models. If you go to save the OpenVPN script, and none appears in the "Custom Script" box, then you are encountering this issue. The only solution is to perform a factory reset. You can do this by navigating to the Setup tab, selecting Factory Defaults, and following the on-screen instructions.

Keep in mind this only restores DD-WRT itself to factory defaults - it does not actually revert the router back to true "factory" status. OpenVPN requires that the date be set properly before it is able to connect. You can check the current time on the router by checking the information upper right hand corner. If it is counting from In practice, this is a symptom of a much more serious issue - the DD-WRT router lacks internet access altogether.

Check both the "Wiring" and "IP Conflict" notes under "General" above for troubleshooting steps regarding internet acces. Make sure Time Settings is set as specified in this screenshot.

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